@temujin9 Corollary: If the rate of change in the environment is high enough, most advice will be bad advice.

@alper Democracy was originally designed to prevent civil wars, by creating a ritual to compare each factions manpower without things escalating into actual combat. That's the reason voting rights where usually limited to cavalry and heavy infantry.
It wasn't designed to prevent anything else, and frankly, I don't think it has any special merits as a government system besides peaceful succession (that's actually a big deal, btw).

@Elmkast Yes, at several levels. Without some measure of stability n the context, and a matching functional identity, it's easy to get stuck swinging between full submission to the environment, and full disconnection. Full submission can feel really good at times, but in my experience it's usually terrifying and disastrous. And full disconnection is horrible in it's own slow burning way.

@Elmkast On a more serious note, the dynamics of dissociation are very supportive of the Self being fluid, modular, and context dependent. Identity is just a very simplified interface.

@KingMob Althought treating class as a boolean is indeed stupid, there are some frameworks that treat class in ways usefull for analising interpersonal dynamics (but usually in terms of group settings instead of dyads).

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@duane The role of a parliament is avoiding civil wars and wars of succession, so your logic checks out.

@kureshii @nindokag I'm very conflicted on this. I love meat, but I must recognize meat based foodening is unsustainable. And the idea of artificial meat creeps me out. But when I tried veggie stuff in the past, it was miserable. It was either so bleh I just skipped meals, or tasty in an unsatisfying way that made me keet eating continuously until I was about to puke.

@Elmkast Funfact: the Buddhist gameplan is very similar to just dissociating so hard you starve to death.

It's interesting how, as soon as a conspiracy theory is proven right, everybody stops caring about it, but debunked theories never go away.

Maybe the Great Weirding is just how it feels to be a background extra in a cyberpunk setting. We think there's no grand narrative because we are just that far removed from action, but still expect to have protagonist level clearance in regards to plot details.

@nindokag @vgr What I got from that is that narratives are for particles, and the Great Weirding is more suited for improvised surrealist mood pieces.

@Elmkast That's how you get something done in a republic. Associate the issue with a voting demographic, and sell the votes to the highest bidder.

@Elmkast "People have class associations with biking"

That's what I was aiming at with the branding comment. I think changing that (and making bikes more accessible) would go a long way to making pro-biking measures a viable campaign promise for politicians.

@Elmkast For example, promoting exercise with health based arguments doesn't work very well. But tell people they'll look hot and suddenly everybody's jogging.

@Elmkast You are treating the problem from a control position. Sure, you have a concrete solution for the concrete problem, but why hasn't that solution been implemented? And how do you go from the current situation, to a situation where that solution gets implemented?

@Elmkast I mean, cyclist problems seem to have pretty concrete solutions, so maybe it's time to improve the ability to implement those solutions.

@Elmkast Intellectually, I'm all in with cycling as a great thing. Emotionally, I just don't feel you guys.
Maybe cyclists just have bad branding, like vegans.

@Elmkast Startup idea from the future: make a cyclist safety app that makes drivers with augmented reality gear see you as a piece of naked hotness in their preferred gender, to make them slow down.

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