pt presidentials 

Fasciboi actually got third by a small margin. The future still looks bleak

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pt presidentials 

The incumbent won. The far right populist got a distant second. The 75 status quo is dead. The left as a whole did a miserable job. The next legislative elections are gonna be ugly.

grace, cancel culture needs a rebranding 


I do find that cancel culture has it's upsides. Whenever I find myself appending to many caveats and contextual explanations to whatever I was gonna post to preempt accidental or malicious misunderstandings, I just get offline and go do something better with my time.

re: rupol 

@thegibson @dlovell
However, I wouldn't say Putin is above machinegunning everybody, so let's wait and see.

Weird conversation 

So, you are more like someone who doesn't get shot n the head, then. That's good.

I bow down to the annoyance of veterans. I merely fiddle with excel to stave off the existencial dread that follows insomnia.

Format Cells > Number , there's options for both time based and custom formats

It's 1.25 hours, duh

But seriously, I'm pretty sure there is an option in the settings to make the formatting more clear.

@dadegroot @pelagikat

Running Wild was rocking the pirate theme back in the 80s. Probably the predecessor to the genre, with more traditional metal instrumentation.

I'll never not be weirded out by my family singing the national anthem while watching sports events on TV.

I'm realizing I need to add evolution to the list of topics I get unreasonably angry about.


In a way, they're like baby cats. They play with you because they know when the time comes, you'll never hear them coming.


Dude was living the biological imperative full-time. Murder, plunder and fuck.

Which shows that being the pinnacle of evolution is somewhere between completely orthogonal and inversely proportional to any sane person's value structure.

Hawking was the pinnacle of playing the shit out of a bad hand.

Pitt is the pinnacle of a very specific standard of male beauty.

Van Gogh was miserable person mythologized to upsell paintings.

Genghis Khan was the pinnacle of biological evolution, the best adapted for reproductive success in his specific environment.

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