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@KelsonV Somewhere in a Russian mausoleum, Stalin's corpse popped a huge boner at all this purging.

@kureshii @BruceJia Related idea: being able to do anything, especially sleeping, without looking out over our shoulders if anyone is trying to kill us is awesome.

The equinox has come, and spring is now upon us.

So, what's the most important lessons y'all learned this winter?

@nindokag That's why independent thing-makers are allowed to exist. The data monsters outsource creativity to humans, and harvest the ones who survive.

@nindokag This take fits well with the theory that shamans were crazy people turned tribal therapists.

@BruceJia @Elmkast Although I personally prefer to use private healthcare, I think the social benefits of universal coverage shouldn't be underestimated.

For the love of Kafka: my cousin got fined after an accident for not having vehicle registration papers because the police couldn't be arsed to find them in the wreckage.

@BruceJia What I'd like to see: diasporas by relative size.

@kureshii @tmv @vgr True. I think my mistake was moving to an environment that required near permanent disengagement.

@kureshii @tmv @vgr Sorta. Psychiatric terminology is less coherent than you think.

Rephrasing: I worry that prolonged emotional disengagement from people drives the individual to behaviours close to the mainstream sociopath stereotype (predatory, selfish, sadistic, strong id, low super-ego control functions).

@kureshii @tmv @vgr After two years playing GP Sociopath part-time, I'm questioning if it really is all that different from actual sociopath. I definitely felt more prone to increasingly sadistic behaviour.

So, I've been catching up on a discussion that leads to this post:

I must say, this is testing my sanity. I had already made peace with free-market capitalism being a deceptively foreign culture, but the whole pro-blackmail thing is giving me a visceral feeling of Otherness I don't think I've ever felt.

@nindokag What's your opinion on the "parenthood is magical" attitude?

@kureshii @vgr Related: a not very visible feature of tight communities is how much collective work is done to enable less functional members, often without their knowledge.
From financing participation in social activities, to handling bureaucracy, to smoothing issues with outsiders.

When one of these people becomes successful, they are at great risk of getting scammed by their support network.

@vgr @tmv It helps a lot if your material well-being isn't too dependent on what others think.

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