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@Elmkast You know, sometimes I wish my country had an exciting, polarizing political situation, instead of cynical fatalism. That way maybe I could find something get excited about together with everyone else, instead of wanting to push them in front of trucks whenever they start talking about soccer.

The tumblr porn diaspora is already making itself felt here, what with the federation bot spamming dick pics now.

Unexpected (or is it?) consequence of the GDPR: companies now have the perfect excuse for destroying evidence.

@mchapiro Only now have I noticed your profile pic is not, in fact, Crash Bandicoot.

I think a mostly unnoticed consequence of big data is how we now have hard numbers to kill most forms of optimism.

It would make sense if this created a filtering effect where only the stupid and/or unstable people took big risks, leaving them with the big wins.

So, the same as always, but with depression socially normalized.

The closer my life gets to Buddhism, the more surprised I am it doesn't get treated like a dangerous suicide cult.

Anyone know a good resource to relearn math from scratch?

Freedom to self: if your self is a bad fit for your environment, the key factor in the trade-off between changing yourself or moving to another environment is capital. At the high end you get to have the cake and eat it, by applying capital to change the environment.

Going out at 16 used to mean a 20 person group, even gender distribution.

At 20 the group has shrunk to about 10, with a 2/1 ratio, more girls in the city, more boys in the sticks.

At 30 it's 5 single guys looking for hookers and blow.

Feels like going out at night fits in the explore/exploit trade-offs they talk about here:

I've been seeing news that food storage facilities have become scarce in the UK, apparently because Amazon gobbled them all up, but the sources I found were kinda dubious. Can anyone confirm this?

I keep seeing people treat gratitude as an emotion, and I don't get it. Isn't it just a social norm kinda thing? Is there a basis for treating it as a separate emotion from happy + halo effect?

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If any of y'all are in or near the parts of California affected by the fires, prepare for a possible rodent population explosion next year.

"Anonymous 4chan Poster" gets credited as first author on a math proof, giving us further evidence that reality had a stroke and never fully recovered.

Of all the recent challenges to my sense of identity, the most surprising is realizing I love spreadsheets too much.

I'm really curious about what the EA crowd thinks about bullfights.

Does the violence outweight the superior life quality of the fighting bull compared to regular cattle?

Is extinguishing the breed a morally superior alternative to the current situation?

The largest possible "us" will always outnumber the largest possible "them" by exactly one person.

Thank you @msweet for suggesting vertical mice. +5 quality of life.

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