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I can't understand what happens to portuguese migrants abroad, that after a year or two living in cities with more inhabitants than this entire country they all develop an intense love for the shittiest, hillbilliest of portuguese music.

As any work of fiction ever gotten as vindicated by history as Metal Gear Solid 2?
(Not counting 1984)

Equinox is nigh upon us. Do you do something to celebrate the occasion?

How many browser tabs do y'all have open right now?
I'm at 158.

Historical tidbit: once upon a time, wearing a brand meant someone held a piece of red hot metal against your skin, usually without your consent.

I'm trying not to judge people by the tv they watch, but someone who spends all their free time watching murder documentaries, murder mysteries, and home makeover shows, is a very suspicious person.

How do y'all tech peoples stop literal bugs from getting inside your stuff?

"Every triangle is a love triangle when you love triangles"
- James Acaster, probably

"The average human has one testicle and is a Chinese woman named Muhammad. "
- source unknown

Almost every useful thing I learned lately is the opposite of what people tried to teach me in the last 30 years.

If 2020 was music, the first half would be Cattle Decapitation - Bring Back The Plague, and the second half is probably Anaal Nathrakh - Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion

There are only two kinds of men that get along with me IRL. Gay dudes that want to bang me and bartenders who have a financial incentive to put up with me.

@zacharius @strangeattractor
We seem to be having the same issue again. Only the local timeline works. Home, notifications, and federated timeline are borked.

Does anyone who the author of this poster is? I am not able to find it.

Boosts welcome.

Mortal Kombat sucks. It has always sucked. And after many years of trying to like it, I finally figured out why I was even trying: it's the only fighting game without anime influenced character designs.

Everybody around the world loves soccer too much to go after fifa, except americans who don't care about soccer enough to go after fifa.

Where my antififas at?

Hilbert's Hotel is bullshit. If you add countably infinite guests to countably infinite occupied rooms by moving guests one room over, the number of rooms and guests in rooms remain the same at any moment, you just add countably infinite guests to the infinitely long hallway as people move between rooms.

Just realized that, since the Portuguese dub of Dragon Ball changed Piccolo's name to Satan, my generation grew up seeing Satan as a heroic father figure willing to sacrifice himself for his surrogate child.

The fact that Futarchy is still called Futarchy is proof that supporters of Futarchy have a very limited understanding of the internet and people, and are probably the wrong sort of people to be making any sort of public decisions.

The cesspool rule of the internet:

Over time, every social space becomes increasingly about sex. If you try to stop it, it will become about politics.

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