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An Etiology of Technological Advancement 

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Hey everyone, I 3D print carbon fiber so airplanes can be much lighter in a few decades. Want to start a VC fund for our early stage customers.

Also, working on health stuff as a hobby: small e-commerce sleep product - Carbonshade, and trying to couple high fat diets with peak bagging and bikepacking. Would like to shift planet to higher fat if possible.

Haven't been to a refactor camp, but I follow Ribbonfarm and Breaking Smart.

I feel like I'm picking up an allergy toward taking things fully seriously. Probably suggests something about my beliefs about the world I'm operating in.

The most valuable feature of Netflix for me is picking up in the middle of a season or show right where you left off. When I torrent, I forget which episode I'm on.

@vgr, would be nice to have this for Ribbonfarm given the new format.

Fractal expansion is the only way to infinitely scale. Otherwise the message of how to scale becomes too diluted or weak as expansion happens. Fractal messages allow the core message to propagate with a dynamic yet stable fidelity.

I think I just found the lock for my Act II. Not sure if others would consider what I've done sufficient for an Act I, or that it could have turned me into a key since I'm 15 years below median age. I think my intransigency led to notches left and right.

As I kept probing different things, feeling very anxious and unsure of what to do with my life, I must have hit a critical point out of nowhere because everything seems to have fallen neatly into place all of a sudden and I now know what to do.

Going to be in NYC Thursday afternoon and Friday. Anyone want to grab coffee?

Asking, vs identifying questions asked primarily for 2nd order or higher information, might be a bit like the difference between multiplying prime numbers and factoring.

Sometimes people make a mistake on how many bits are needed for the situation, which lets you hack their OODA.

No way to do any sort of meta-analysis since by definition you will sometimes be oblivious to what is happening.

Not sure if this relates to Gervais articles since I haven't read those in a while.

Humanity might be on read-write tick-tock (e.g. coding boosts write capability), but we need to update documentation on literacy requirements.

Being able to READ in 2019 requires:

1) Being able to read street signs, menus, 'junk' novels, etc. (hard book requirement hereby removed)
2) Stream smarts, can you grok the topology of the Tweet flows? (Expansionary)
3) Hight truthiness legibility of scientific or dynamical systems claim (Stream Governor), if you use SciHub >1/month, you probably pass.

Turns out topological composites are only the 2nd class of Type I matter humans have discovered/developed. The 1st one led to a rather significant unfolding of events in the world. Can you guess what I'm referring to?

I think I might finally be onto a framework that I can use instead of stamp-collecting-style 1st order description of stone-->bronze-->iron-->'information age'. I imagine this approach, while more confusing to the historian, will be of utmost importance to the psychohistorian.

Programmable matter exists outside of Sci-Fi. All we need is property + spatial variation (e.g. stuff Mantis Composites makes, topology optimizing isotropic materials is not enough).

I'm going to dub all the previous matter for structural materials humans have had as Type 0 matter. Within structures, I'm dubbing programmable matter as topological composites, and we can call it a form of Type I matter.

An Etiology of Technological Advancement 

Sleep, circadian rhythms, experimenting 

Is it inevitable that people come to dislike anyone they get to know well enough after enough time? Lifelong relationships are not enough to counter since we don't know what would happen with 125 years.

Movie recommendation: Green Room. It's better than Inglorious Bastards. In particular, the more visceral (rather than fantastical) experience surrounding Nazi deaths simply works much better for 2018. Can't wait to watch Blue Ruin (same director)!

Hypothesis: at the 2nd cuil (1st meta state), the NPC and non-NPC reverse roles.

If we accept Shrödinger's answer to life being a thermodynamic phenomenon then the non-NPCs, through their dynamic and lively optionality, are simply functional matter executing on behalf of the universe. (Perhaps just a contrived nihlist take)

On the other hand, the NPC rests in local energy pockets of good mediocrity and perhaps having this as a starting point is a better path to the vita beata.

Implication of existence of pseudo material properties 

I wish I was a little bit taller
I wish I was a baller

my brain:

don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it

Me: *were. The subjunctive is not used frequently in English, but get it right.

Meaning-making seems to be a process that exists in tension with freedom-making.

John Boyd's “the fundamental goal of humans is to improve their capacity for independent action.” captures the tension. You have repeated reorientations to get increases in capacity. Each orientation is a "meaning" but is just a waypoint in the freedom process.

At a micro-level this is the "flow" state. Marginal creative destruction.

Anyone here know about biology?

How valuable would it be if you could have an ultra centrifuge reach 2 or 3 million Gs instead of just 1? Any big opportunities this would unlock or just nice to have?

I am always perplexed when I meet genuinely randomly mean people. Tonight had 2nd encounter I can remember in years. Different from people who are just inconsiderate/selfish or evil in some calculated or disturbing way.

Something unsettling about it in that it feels more uncanny valley than a charming sociopath, bizarre really. Anyone have any insight into this? Both occurences were while drinking so maybe that's related.

The world operates by a de facto notion of “useful person”: somebody with a predictable nonzero probability of affecting history within the bounds of what has been consensually scripted by recognized useful persons. Only useful persons are recognized as fully human.

If you don’t fit this definition, you’re to be either feared or pitied as subhuman. Fodder for whatever impersonal extractive market process driven by fear/pity traps you first. You’re then doomed to a life of face-saving theater.

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