I am a Ribbonfarm reader & a full time UX/UI designer living in the Hudson Valley of NY. Born in the early 80's.

My backstory/overdetermination includes punk rock, the whole gamut of nerd pop culture (video games, anime, etc), and a forever fascination with philosophy, theory, and the humanities.

I am a living series of struggling aspirations, and currently an aspiring poet.

I am also a medical anomaly, full of feedback-looping artificial organs (endocrinologic + cardiac)

@miksimum Welcome! My background is in literature and I've been doing some poetry translation this year, good to see someone else interested in humanities :)

@bkam Nice to hear from you! Academically, I’ve got a very general philosophy/design/media studies background - literature has always been one of my core fascinations. Who are you translating?

@miksimum Ah nice! I used to work in tech for a media company. I was translating Baudelaire and Rimbaud to see how they came out, my eventual goal is Céline. (I am not fluent in French.) What type of poetry are you writing?


Thanks for asking! That can be hard question to answer...

It's not a well-defined type or form. Sort of standard-issue contemporary poetry, lyric free-verse with some recurring motifs (wild dogs, weather, body anxieties, parenthood)... still trying to hone my poetics by reading and experimenting.

All my published stuff so far is linked here:

Still trying to maintain my precious snowflake momentum on this endeavor... 1.5 years so far.

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