There are so many aspiring content creators now, and such a declining ratio of creators to consumers...

How long before I can start charging creators to be an engaged consumer of their work?

There must be a more economically literate way to discuss this... the inversion of value between production and consumption?

@miksimum Selling your attention directly, instead of letting Google harvest it for free.

@machado at some point, I envisioned this service as halfway between an editorial service and a therapy session

@miksimum I think this is a precious snowflake creator framing and I have low sympathy for it tbh.

Nobody is owed an audience. If you don’t have your head up your ass you can always find a way to reconcile what you have an impulse to create with what others want to consume. If you can’t solve that problem you’re by definition not a creator bit a self-absorbed hobbyist indulging 9n conspicuous production narcissism.

Advertisers are paying consumers to see their work by financing the content the consumers want around it.

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