Creative process 

My writing process has settled into a 2-3 month cycle, with writing, editing, and submission stages.

Between cycles, I end up in a short (1-2 weeks) period of vertigo, needing to restart the process, wanting to introduce some new factor to it, and momentarily hemmed in by all my doubts and confusions.

This is when the noise and ambiguity of the real world suddenly becomes oppressive. Maybe what I need, at these times, is some kind of structure and/or mindfulness practice?

Creative process 

@miksimum For me, meditation always seems like it can't possibly help, but when I manage to overcome this pessimism and do it, it usually does.

Some other activities that engage task-positive network but are unrelated, like exercise, could help. Maybe environmental change too? Light hiking or something? I don't do this myself but I've often felt like getting out of my house can help.

@bkam reading this as I’m stepping out my front door trying to realign!

I need to figure out how to better leverage a task-positive network. Social factor is definitely lacking for me at the moment.

Thanks for the insights, I’ll keep tootin’ and let you know if I find any magic bullets or Master Keys

@miksimum By TPN I meant the brain network that's used when actively engaged in a task (like flow state). I know I wasn't very clear, but it tends to turn off the DMN (default-mode network) which is likely to be related to worrying and things like that. It's what your brain does by default, when not engaged in a task at hand.

At least that's my understanding.

Mindfulness should directly reduce DMN activity, whereas TPN tasks indirectly reduce it. Exercise also seems to help synaptic plasticity

@bkam sorry! Yes, I entirely misunderstood, thanks for the clarification. I’ll look up these terms when I get a moment

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