Creative process 

Creative process 

@bkam reading this as I’m stepping out my front door trying to realign!

I need to figure out how to better leverage a task-positive network. Social factor is definitely lacking for me at the moment.

Thanks for the insights, I’ll keep tootin’ and let you know if I find any magic bullets or Master Keys

@miksimum By TPN I meant the brain network that's used when actively engaged in a task (like flow state). I know I wasn't very clear, but it tends to turn off the DMN (default-mode network) which is likely to be related to worrying and things like that. It's what your brain does by default, when not engaged in a task at hand.

At least that's my understanding.

Mindfulness should directly reduce DMN activity, whereas TPN tasks indirectly reduce it. Exercise also seems to help synaptic plasticity

@bkam sorry! Yes, I entirely misunderstood, thanks for the clarification. I’ll look up these terms when I get a moment

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