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I am an oncologist at a large federal research hospital, mostly writing manuscripts and clinical trial protocols, but also occasionally seeing a patient or two.

Former user of R and Python, recently discovered Mathematica.

Navigating the US immigration bureaucracy (which as bad as it is is still better than most but let's not go there).

Also, taking care of the kids while wife's away raising the dead (she's a critical care MD).

Used to follow Venkat on Twitter.

us pol 

And the winner of today’s elections is… the NRA

If only the boomers disliked guns as much as they liked marijuana

It's finally here! v1.0 of Toot! has been officially released on the app store!

For those who have not been in on the beta test already, this is an Mastodon client for iOS, full of character and whimsy. It is multi-instance, multi-account, it is fast, it is comfortable and it is above all a lot of fun!

It has a strong focus on user experience, animation, and attention to detail, as well as being the best client for Mastodon around. Try it now!

RIP #Netrunner; Fantasy Flight Games's license to publish the game expires today, and the owner doesn't seem to want to do anything further with it.

I have nightmares about this 

A neurosurgeon who killed or maimed 33 of the 38 patients he operated on. Of course he was under the influence, and of course his colleagues and bosses kept quite (until some didn't).

Upside: any time I start getting imposter syndrome I'll know what real incompetence is like.

@miljko I read something recently, which I've been unable to find again, suggesting that an amicable "Interesting, how would that work?" response was useful for getting people to change their own minds about policies they propose, because it causes them to see that they don't really understand. I've been wondering whether this isn't generalisable into a BS response...

@miljko If I'm in a group that doesn't seem like it will take ready offense, something like “I don’t see how you came to that conclusion. Why would you say that?”

Nope, I’m not the life of the conversation, and definitely not the life of the party.

@miljko As a southerner, anything starting or ending with "bless your heart".

@miljko Most of the time it's really pointless to call people out. At most, I'll try to convince someone to act on a stupid idea in a way that will harm them.

Costs less social capital than a direct confrontation, and usually achieves the desired outcome of changing behaviour or removing the person from my social life.

What’s your favorite way to politely tell someone what they said was BS? Is there anything less passive aggressive than “That’s an interesting thought”?

gender theory, unendorsed idle thought 

Childcare is such an onerous duty that some dudes would do just about anything to get out of it. Like forcing an entire gender into child-care-centric servitude by creating an entire political structure (patriarchy) around it, along with the religious/ideological justifications to support it, so women would do it all and they wouldn't have to.

Has most of human history been driven by a conspiracy of dads weaseling out of their share of the childcare?

My favorite thing from @vgr this year 

It's Against Waldenponding, obviously. Kudos, Sir.

Against Waldenponding 

How to Actually Manage Attention Without Smashing Your Phone and Retreating to
a Log Cabin | | | | Today's newsletter is a cleaned-up and 50% expanded
version of a live Twitter thread I did yesterday.

Some context. For several years now, I've been developing a growing discomfort
with a philosophy of relating to technology I call _Waldenponding_ (after
Thoreau's Walden Pond experiment on which _Walden_ is based). The crude

A subtwoot 

When you see a job posting for someone's lab on Twitter and you want to yell DON'T

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