I am an oncologist at a large federal research hospital, mostly writing manuscripts and clinical trial protocols, but also occasionally seeing a patient or two.

Former user of R and Python, recently discovered Mathematica.

Navigating the US immigration bureaucracy (which as bad as it is is still better than most but let's not go there).

Also, taking care of the kids while wife's away raising the dead (she's a critical care MD).

Used to follow Venkat on Twitter.

@miljko I'm just reading emperor of maladies... cancer is fascinating and bleak at the same time

@vgr Good book. The PBS show is even better.

Funny/sad how they both end with “but this time, it’s different” after telling the story of unfounded exuberant optimism that was there from the beginning of modern cancer research.

Anyway, the field turns many people into stoics rather quickly.

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