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Feeling judgmental today 

90% of my internet searches are to make sure the phrase I’m about to use is an actual phrase that people actually use

A moment of silence 

New month names for the Anthropocene

Jan = Tryagain
Feb = Nosnow
March = Slushy
Apr = Hot
May Hotter
Jun = Hottest
Jul = Hottester
Aug = Armpit <— worst month
Sep = Stillhot
Oct = Winteriscoming
Nov = Noitsnot
Dec = Notyetextinct

A 2x2 of my hospital experiences so far, both medical and admin. Admin tends to veer to the left, medical to the right (but still has plenty of both)

It seems like there's a high % of science fiction readers on here. For a few reasons -- the main one being that I'm a frustratingly slow reader -- I have yet to dive in on any serious SF quests, and I end up getting lost in the meta-chatter. (pretty much sitting in the "I've heard Dune is good" camp)

Curious to hear some examples of works that you consider good/important, either for the genre or for you personally, and briefly why. They don't necessarily have to be novels, either.

I am an oncologist at a large federal research hospital, mostly writing manuscripts and clinical trial protocols, but also occasionally seeing a patient or two.

Former user of R and Python, recently discovered Mathematica.

Navigating the US immigration bureaucracy (which as bad as it is is still better than most but let's not go there).

Also, taking care of the kids while wife's away raising the dead (she's a critical care MD).

Used to follow Venkat on Twitter.

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