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New to this space, long-time community lurker and RF reader. I thought it might be fun to participate and see what people are talking about. I work in tech.

Just finished reading Replay by Ken Grimwood and all I can say is WOW. It’s been a while since I was this engaged and impressed by a book. I finished it in one sitting.

Trying to scope a pet game dev side project and having a hell of a time finding any good data on sales figures for indie devs by title or genre. Anyone aware of a decent business analysis? I know it's a tough market, but I'd still like to run some numbers.

Who are some interesting women to follow on here? I know there are plenty of women in the rationalist adjacent space on Twitter.

Nailed 4 personal records on my run this morning and I feel amazing. 😄

Observation: It seems as though it was an accepted norm to spend a very long time (perhaps as much as a decade) at a single company or within a similar role as recently as the 80s or 90s. Most people I know, however, start getting antsy at 1-2 years in a single role and rarely stay more than 3. How on Earth did people cope with that feeling of needing a change before hopping jobs every 2-3 years was more acceptable?

Waiting indefinitely for post-interview job news on a potential offer has _got_ to be one of the circles of hell. Pretty sure I remember seeing that punishment somewhere in in Canto IV. Yup.

Every Twitter interaction reminds me why I'm here.

I desperately want a simplified colony simulator game (a la Banished, Rimworld) on iOS to play while I watch TV and this product does not exist. Infinite sadness. Craft the World is the closest I get and I don’t dig its side-scrolling style (pun intended).

As I’m having an unfiltered discussion about gender norms in the workplace with a friend, several beers in in a public space, and with some of our positions being controversial, I find myself ruminating uncomfortably on the possibility of being doxxed and live tweeted out of context by nearby randos.

Unconventional Life Strategy Proposal: Skip college, pay for several private tutors (mix of PhD and industry experience) to impart their CompSci knowledge to you over a 2-year full-time mix of study and application, use excess funds to pay intermediaries to secure meetings with CEO or CTO of SMB firms to introduce yourself and offer to work for them. More or less successful life trajectory than graduating from a state school with a decent GPA in CompSci, do you think?

I often feel guilty spending time on Reddit/Slack/etc (despite having deleted Twitter/Facebook) and feel like I ought to be reading instead. But I wonder if it really makes a difference since I tend to read genre fiction (fantasy, romance, sci-fi). Is reading long form fiction really superior to other sources or entertainment from a self-development perspective, or is that just a weird inherited cultural value triggering guilt unnecessarily?

2/2 Like I can read the Wikipedia article on blockchain and it more or less reflects what I just said, but I don’t understand why a peer-enforced ledger or automated escrow would be so exciting. I assume it’s ridiculously hyped right now, so I take it all with a grain of salt. But I sort of get this impression that it will fundamentally change things or allow new types of interaction and I just don’t quite see the big picture.

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Embarrassing admission: Conceptually I think I kind of get what blockchain technology does, but my understanding of it is like where my understanding of “the cloud” was a decade ago—fuzzy and without a clear picture of why you would use it for most business applications in a way that would be advantageous to your firm. How is it functionally different from something like an escrow service where a third party safeguards an exchange? What’s exceptionally novel about it? Any primers w/biz examples?

Anyone want to try writing an improv chain story?


1. Originator starts the story with a CW title and a premise opening.

2. People add 1 toot-length bit at a time. Improv norms apply: rule of agreement.

3. Continue the longest chain

4. Two toots by same person must have at least 2 toots by others in between.

Now I'm waffling between The Blade Itself and the Parable of the Sower...

I finally just finished reading the Magicians series and thought the third book, Magician's Land, tied things up in a satisfying way (definitely better than book 2). The end reminded me a little bit of the Neverending Story (the book), which is also a favorite, and I burned through it quickly, so I'd say it's well worth the time!

Do favorites function as "likes" here, or is it more of a personal tracking mechanism for bookmarking toots?

Is there a list of fediverse-wide hashtags in common use? I feel like we should promote some local hashtags like say r ... in future I expect this thing will acquire tweetdeck style arbitrary column capability and people can then use hashtags for columns or we can read the tagged toots via API to populate a jobs page or something

New to this space, long-time community lurker and RF reader. I thought it might be fun to participate and see what people are talking about. I work in tech.

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