As I’m having an unfiltered discussion about gender norms in the workplace with a friend, several beers in in a public space, and with some of our positions being controversial, I find myself ruminating uncomfortably on the possibility of being doxxed and live tweeted out of context by nearby randos.

@msflechette Do people actually tweet their opinions about random snippets of conversations they heard in a bar?

@artlav often enough that it makes me rethink voicing controversial opinions anyway. Paranoia? Maybe. 🤷‍♀️

@msflechette Well, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. :/

Hm, i guess it's just a logical extension of things like filming people doing stupid stuff and posting it on YouTube.

What does it actually look like?


@artlav mostly just “OH: shameful statement” but worst case tweeted with a pic to shame you. I guess I’m just highly cognizant of it in a charged culture war environment in light of the recent plane romance debacle. At some point someone will lose their job over something they said in a bar, intended for a friend’s ears only, and we’ll have fun grappling with the implications of that as a society.

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