Word processors are shitty and too complex for most people’s needs. Long live the boring old .txt file and notepad.

Ooo it was. Actually thinking about it makes it seem like a really bizarre set up 🤔

It’s too early for me to begin to evaluate this. Someone else might find it useful, though... medium.com/anomalous-engineeri

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What does hedonism mean to you? If it’s something akin to blind pursuit of pleasure, then I’d probably disagree. If it’s more like openness to experiences or doing things out of joy then I’d agree and file this idea way for reference as I get older :)

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Doing research on sleep and realising that long-term night shifts—like the ones I do for my day job—are bad news.


So, anyone want to hire me as a writer/editor? I’m nice. I love working with complex, difficult problems. I’m also pretty good at what I do (or so I’ve been told).

Link: swellandcut.com/editorial/

Thanks in advance for saving me from depression, metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, impaired creative capacities and all the other evil things caused by fucked up sleep.

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‪If the great minds of the past had the technological tools of today to hand, would their thinking be empowered or impoverished?‬

‪If the great minds of the past had the technological tools of today to hand, would their thinking be empowered or impoverished?‬

Wittgenstein wrote:

“To the philosophical question ‘Is the visual image of this tree composite, and what are its constituent parts?’ the correct answer is: ‘That depends on what you understand by ‘composite’.’ (And that, of course, is not an answer to, but a rejection of, the question.)”

From that I extrapolated another idea: philosophy is not the search for answers, but the search for the right question.

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