@tasshin would love your comments on my latest post. It’s about my switch to eyes open during meditation practice. Have you any preference between the two?

@msweet Hey Matthew - just saw this. Thanks for pinging me! Great post, it was an enjoyable read which is always fun about meditation. I tend to practice with eyes closed right now but a) they both have pros + cons and b) if i had to pick "the right one" I'd vote eyes open.

@tasshin interesting. Do you tend to treat your practice as ongoing experiment, modifying one or two tiny things at a time, or do you have a relatively rigid base practice that you always come back to?

@msweet a bit of both. i try to have a main technique, and a large of suite of other techniques to switch to as needed. with the main technique i'm always working on an assignment from my teacher, and making adjustments to try to complete that assignment. and also to cope with circumstances.

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