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Environment-Thought Loop 

Getting to intimate 

IQ Hoohah 

A new kind of overclocking 

To feel, to swim 

Oxygen, not coffee 

Writing is a non-linear activity. Composing a coherent and effective 5,000 word piece is more than ten times as hard as stringing together 500 words with a similar collective quality.

Solutions to the problem of life 

Proust, Before and After 

Nothing like physical pain to help you inhabit the present moment.

Outer mirrors inner 


Anyone got any good recommednations for books/sources concerning the formation of clandestine digital groups?

(Asking because I just read the Digital Maginot Line piece on Ribbonfarm and for fiction research.)

Don’t believe the hype. Writing, both fiction and non-fiction, is far from a chore. It’s fun.

Imagine if high culture weren't entirely inaccessible

Imagine if operas and ballets were like $20 and you could go in jeans

Imagine if these sorts of shows were properly advertised

Personal offensive manoeuvres 

@msweet @vgr It need not be vipassana meditation, but a lot of smart people devoted their whole lives to instruction in that tradition, so it's not a bad place to start.

Maybe meditation is a bit like running. It's not for everyone but if you don't like it, it doesn't mean you can just not exercise at all and expect to be fit. You don't need to buy into Buddhism, but you do need deliberate periods of contemplation, concentration, reflection, introspection, if you want to be mentally healthy.

To die or not to die? 

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