Also, you can search for and follow users on Plume instances!

Posts seem to show up as "toots", but then Mastodon doesn't actually display anything... 😢

If that ever works correctly, Mastodon will be REALLY interesting.

Thats probably because the 3 roots were replies to someone else. And not original posts. To should see them under "toots and replies"

@zacharius No, they don't show up in any tab.

My guess is it's because the "toots" from are more than 500 characters.

( isn't a Mastodon instance -- it's a Plume instance. You can cross-subscribe because both are using ActivityPub; so the "toots" in this case are actually Plume posts, and not actually Mastodon "toots". I saw another toot mentioning that you could cross-subscribe between the two types of sites, and wanted to see what it looked like.)

@necopinus That makes sense.

Sorry man, was trying to be helpful

@zacharius No worries! I totally appreciate what you and @vgr are doing here.

I was more just throwing a thought out into the ether. The idea of being able to merge a microblog platform like Mastodon and a longer-form medium like Plume is interesting. (I remember seeing a Twitter thread about a similar idea a while back, but I don't remember who started it.)

ActivityPub is young, and Plume isn't even ready yet. I'm just kicking the tires and wondering what the car will look like eventually. 🙂

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