Having seen it up close for a while now it's kinda ridiculous how much better of a development environment macOS is compared to any Linux. Why do so many people insist on using it?

@alper Linux isn't about programing, it's about signaling [/Hanson]

@machado @alper I'm not sure I'd agree that it's about signalling, though that certainly true for some folks.

If you're into tinkering and customizing your workflows/systems, in my experience Linux is a much better choice than either Windows or macOS. On the flip side, if my priority was simply to get things done with the minimum of initial hassle, I'd definitely buy a Mac.

Some people also find Linux a better philosophical fit. Maybe that's always "signalling", but if it is then what isn't?

@necopinus @machado I mean if tinkering means: getting Docker to work is a huge pain in the ass…


@alper @machado You are not the first person I've heard complain about Docker. I feel like I need to play around with it more, as so far my use cases seem to be limited enough that I've not run into any issues...

@necopinus @machado I run it on a 1TB SSD Mac myself. I have a happy whale in my system tray and zero issues.

@alper @machado On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've been using Docker to host Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi now for about two months with the only issues so far having been user errors caused by me not reading the documentation carefully enough. :-)

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