Public timeline for in Weechat via bitlbee-mastodon.


After the better part of a month, the websites are updated. They no longer use JavaScript, are ~40% smaller, and *should* be a more accessible to screen readers.

Here's some photos from October that I've been sitting on while making the changes.

My favorite photo from HOPE: The view out the window of my room at the Hotel Pennsylvania on the second night.

My favorite photo from Great Sand Dunes: A panorama from east to south across the Dunes towards the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Discovery of the night: Mastodon is a Progressive Web App.

Try this on Android (iOS support for PWAs is really BAD):

1. Go to and log in.
2. Under your "three dots" menu, choose "Add to Home Screen"
3. Allow Chrome to "install" the Refactor Camp PWA.

If you're running a recent version of Android, you should now have Refactor Camp "installed" in your app drawer. Only limited experimentation so far, but outside of a cramped toot composition window, it seems pretty usable!

Also, you can search for and follow users on Plume instances!

Posts seem to show up as "toots", but then Mastodon doesn't actually display anything... 😢

Refactor Camp

Mastodon instance for attendees of Refactor Camp, and members of various online/offline groups that have grown out of it. Related local groups with varying levels of activity exist in the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Austin. Kinda/sorta sponsored by the Ribbonfarm Blogamatic Universe. If you already know a few people in this neck of the woods, try and pick a handle they'll recognize when you sign up. Please note that the registration confirmation email may end up in your spam folder, so check there. It should come from administrator Zach Faddis.