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@riga reading through this one general impression is how much misery is caused by choosing control over trust as a method of managing snowballing complexity.

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Still some of the best advice for programmers:

Don't be clever. Be obvious.

The more I think about it, the more I fine Pine64's announcement of the Pinebook Pro and PinePhone FAR more exciting than what Purism's been working on.

Yeah, the specs aren't as impressive, but the prices Pine64's quoting are crazy-accessible.

"Good enough for dirt cheap" is almost always more impactful than "beautiful/powerful/correct but out of reach of most folks".

Oh god. I've become an Emacs user, haven't I?

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#Pine64 has some pre #FOSDEM announcements.

Biggest one is the #PinebookPro.

14" 1080p display
**usb-c**, with power input and video output
#Rockchip #RK3399

and the usual laptop features. target price, US$199! I look forward to getting #OpenBSD running well on this #arm64 system.

How did I manage to not listen to Operation Ivy until now?

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She brought him the usual gifts at first. A mouse, a bird. A ribbon for him to play with.

She would run up with her gift in her mouth and prrt cheerfully around it. And he would pat her head and tell her she was a good and clever cat.

Then it was a coin with strange markings. A pendant, warm to the touch. A piece of lightning-struck wood.

He never knew of the shadowy figures that followed him, but neither did he have to fear them.

She was a good and clever cat.

#Microfiction #Tootfic

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Cat: Bug #34638 filed: food bowl keeps emptying

Me: closed as duplicate, this is by design, WONTFIX

Cat: Opening bug #34639. It is 11am. Food bowl still empty.

Me: You were fed at 8am. WONTFIX.

Cat: Fundamental disagreement with moderator. Opening dispute resolution process.

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Sometimes low-tech is a cooler solution than high-tech.

This sensor device detects if your package was handled roughly during transport: no electronics, just clever engineering.

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I wouldn't go so far as to say that most politics is based on lies, but I will say that a large percentage is based around tactically avoiding the truth.

I'm rewatching "Stranger Things" right now... And the way the credits mix serif and sans-serif fonts is REALLY bugging me.

Anyone know if there's a generally accepted server model for gopher-over-tls? What client support looks like?

Been tooling around both the web and gopherspace. I've found a couple of projects/POCs, but no information about implementing anything in production, or client support.

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the open nature of the fedi makes asking about specific things feel weird when you're used to a forum setting for that

on a forum you get structure and road signs that tells you exactly where you need to be for the thing you're looking for

on fedi you slide your house window open and yell your question thru a bullhorn

a fox trotting down the sidewalk at 4:20 in the morning yells back the answer

Remember: Mastodon moves more slowly than Twitter (network-wide conversations seem to have a much longer tail), and there's no algorithm to suggest people/toots to you (overall I think this makes interactions/relationships more stable, but it does raise the barrier to entry).

It took me a few months before I started to find my home timeline consistently interesting. But now that it's there I find the discussions I have/read on Mastodon far more rewarding than what I have on Twitter these days.

4. Finally, look for who boosts/favs/follows you, take a look at their personal timeline, and give them a follow if they look interesting.

This approach probably works best if your a prolific/interesting poster... Which I'm not. But even so, this is how I've found some of my favorite off-instance people.

3. Twitter is a mess, but that doesn't mean you have to throw the baby out with the bath water. Use to find folks you know on Twitter over here. If you see anyone and think "I really miss their tweets", give them a follow.

Don't be surprised if most of the accounts you find this way are dormant. But some won't be, and those tend to be worth it.

(This is how I discovered, one of my favorite non instances.)

2. Boosts are your friend! Whenever I see a toot boosted that I find interesting, I click through to look at that person's profile. If they have a good number of interesting toots in their personal timeline, I give them a follow.

This approach becomes particularly useful once you find a couple of folks who reliably boost other people you find interesting.

1. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time on the global timeline. Yes, it's kinda a dumpster fire initially, but it becomes more useful as you build up more off-instance followers. Signal-to-noise is never great, but it's a place to start.

Follow anyone who says a couple of interesting things, or who otherwise looks interesting. You'll probably unfollow a lot of them within a few weeks, but it helps improve the off-instance signal-to-noise.

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