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My startup is in Bloomberg this morning:

(kWh Analytics is us). tl;dr: we use data science to convince banks that solar is a safer investment than banks usually think it is. Then solar project developers can get more investment money cheaper.

Pretty exciting that we are now at the stage where we've done multiple deals and are proving the business model works!

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I play the accordion and the Japanese Taiko drums. Current side projects are drawing a near-future sci-fi comic and coding a JRPG loosely based on Mongolian history.

So far i've found every social media platform that i've tried to be completely unusable. Hoping Mastodon might be different.
Down to chat about music, gaming, environment/energy, comics, software development, parenting, etc. anytime.


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Hi. I've been programming computers since 1986. Mostly Python and Javascript these days. I'm married and have a 2-year old daughter.

I left $WELL_KNOWN_INTERNET_COMPANY to career switch into renewable energy and maybe do something about global warming. My startup is trying to reduce the cost of solar power, using data science. We're in San Francisco.

Been reading Ribbonfarm since 2013, never joined the community before.


Spouse bought our spider-man-obsessed daughter a spider-man shirt from the boys' section

and then painted over the red-and-blue Peter Parker Spider-man costume with black, to turn it into the black-and-red Miles Morales Spider-man costume.

She's so cool 😍

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I was thinking how much easier it would be to keep track of my socks if they were attached to my pants and then I realised I was basically trying to invent tights, is this how silicon valley dorks feel when they realise their amazing new idea is actually a bus

I'm not doing because when i have time to draw I'm spending it inking my comic pages, instead.

I never liked how my pen lines looked. They took a lot of undo-retry-zoom-erase to get right, and once corrected they looked very "dead" and sterile. I always the pencil sketch more than the finished product.

So one day I said, why not try "ink" with a pencil tool?

It looks twice as good and takes half as long. This is life-changing.

left: ink with (digital) pen, right: "ink" with pencil

i just played one of the crowdsourced levels featured in the Mario Maker 2 story mode. It's called "No Jumping Allowed" and you lose if your feet leave the ground

Intelligence is knowing how to use mario maker to make a level that's clearable without jumping; wisdom is knowing that YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT. BECAUSE JUMPING IS FUN. AND NOT JUMPING IS NOT FUN.

I bet Nintendo has a lot of gimmick levels like this on their metaphorical cutting-room floor after 30 years of Mario games.

Trying out Mario Maker!

This is the game I always wanted as a kid. Me and my cousin would spend hours making up our own side-scroller levels on paper, and pretending to play the other person's paper side-scroller levels. Now it's real!

The thing that hits you in the face after a couple tries, is just how hard it is to make a level that's any fun, and how easy it is to make horrible trash levels. Nintendo made it look easy all these years but their quality bar is astoundingly high.

@drwho haha wow I just saw your spooky October alternate account name is the Valyard instead of the doctor, that's a deep cut of dw lore

Just used my Japanese language skills in a professional context for the first time in forever. Translated some documents from a Japanese weather data source.

Explained the Japanese dating system to my coworkers, that 2019 is 平成Heisei 31 up until April but is 令和元年Reiwa Gannen from May onwards (since a new emperor was crowned this year and Reiwa is his reign name). Next year is 令和Reiwa 2.

being the world's oldest hereditary monarchy sure gives you some fantastically arcane and pompous traditions

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D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep


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Day 1

ツキノワグマ (tsukinowaguma)
I'm literally translating that as "moon-ring bear" because I wanted an excuse to draw a bear

#inktober #inktober2019


Tumblr has just silently reinstated a whole bunch of blogs that they purged as collateral damage during their anti-porn sweep last year.

After ten months of not responding to attempts to dispute their algorithm's classifications, they bring blogs back and don't even notify the owners.

If you had a non-porn Tumblr that was purged, try checking in on it! you might be surprised.

My old blog is back, if you wanna read my 1-2-year-old posts about making

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May I suggest the two best ways to celebrate Stanislav Petrov day are A: Declining to follow procedures that would launch nuclear weapons for spurious reasons, and B: looking for opportunities to do something good when not doing good would be easy. It's too late to thank him in person (he died in 2017), it's not too late to do good.

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Now that I am awake, let me once again wish everyone a good Stanislav Petrov Day. On which we remember that on this day in 1983 a Soviet soldier, at the cost of his job, exercised his common sense and prevented an accidental nuclear war.

Our database just broke because the primary key ID of one table hit 2147483647, aka 2^31 - 1, aka the largest number that can be represented as an integer type in PostgreSQL.

Are we officially "Big Data" now?

i saw a woman in a coffee shop yesterday rocking an awesome tattoo that had Milhouse in a heart surrounded by a banner it said "Everything's comin' up Milhouse!"

i did a double-take and then complimented her on it

"Everything's comin' up Milhouse!" is exactly what I say when the little stuff is going well, or I have a petty victory to celebrate

Whoever wrote that throwaway joke for the Simpsons could never have guessed it would permanently enter the lexicon of English language sayings

Greta Thunberg is cool, but she shouldn't be the story. The story should be about how our house is burning down. But the news media is addicted to stories with identifiable heroes and/or villains.

It's exactly like in 2013 how the story should have been the fact that the government was spying on us, but the media insisted on making Edward Snowden the story.

that feeling when you're walking through the Tenderloin and a random unshaven stranger points at you and says "The Time Warp!" and you're momentarily confused until you remember you're wearing your Rocky Horror T-shirt

Apparently the new Ne Zha movie has some pretty major departures from the original legend. It's playing with the expectations of people who know how the story is supposed to go. (That's not me, so this went right over my head until my wife explained it afterwards.)

In the legend he's a standard Boy Of Destiny reincarnated from the Spirit Orb, but the movie has him be reincarnated from the Demon Orb instead, making him a conflicted antihero fighting against his own nature. Much more interesting!

Judging by the Avengers-like post-credits teaser, it looks like they're trying to turn this into the "封神 Cinematic Universe"

that actually makes a ton of sense; 封神演义 is all about a ton of awesome heroes teaming up for battle, each with their own elaborate backstory, so it would be a logical fit for the MCU treatment.

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