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My startup is in Bloomberg this morning:

(kWh Analytics is us). tl;dr: we use data science to convince banks that solar is a safer investment than banks usually think it is. Then solar project developers can get more investment money cheaper.

Pretty exciting that we are now at the stage where we've done multiple deals and are proving the business model works!

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I play the accordion and the Japanese Taiko drums. Current side projects are drawing a near-future sci-fi comic and coding a JRPG loosely based on Mongolian history.

So far i've found every social media platform that i've tried to be completely unusable. Hoping Mastodon might be different.
Down to chat about music, gaming, environment/energy, comics, software development, parenting, etc. anytime.


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Hi. I've been programming computers since 1986. Mostly Python and Javascript these days. I'm married and have a 2-year old daughter.

I left $WELL_KNOWN_INTERNET_COMPANY to career switch into renewable energy and maybe do something about global warming. My startup is trying to reduce the cost of solar power, using data science. We're in San Francisco.

Been reading Ribbonfarm since 2013, never joined the community before.


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I don't care if Link gets killed repeatedly, but you mess with my horse Artax? I go BERSERK. I will END YOU. One time Artax died. I don't know what happened after that because I freaked out and reset immediately.

I always make sure Artax has apples to eat and a comfy place to sleep

New sword? pfft, whatever. New HORSE HAIRSTYLE? GIMME GIMME GIMME.

There's a point here: how much more invested I get if I can establish a relationship with characters other than my avatar

Breath of the Wild: I saved 3,000 rupees and bought a house in Hateno Village. (This isn't quest-relevant at all, it's just a thing you can do).

You know how you're always smashing pots in zelda games?
The first time i picked up a pot after buying the house, I stopped and said "wait... no... this is my NEIGHBOR's pot, I don't want to smash it" and I gently put it back down. Haven't smashed one since.

Fictional homeownership made me feel fictional civic responsibility.

A moment of sadness for all the codebases that I used to work on, which intimate knowledge of their inner workings used to be live in my brain, which I have now forgotten entirely, projects which are either maintained by strangers, or more likely, dead and buried.

When trying to brush my 2-year-old's teeth I suddenly realized: she's the guerilla force and I'm the conventional army. She can't win, but she can drag the conflict out and make it so expensive for me that I give up.

Also, it's impossible to bargain or negotiate with someone who doesn't yet have a concept of past or future. "if you do this now, then we can do the thing you like later" is too abstract for her to understand yet.

One of my favorite blogs is back after a long hiatus Comics Madness by Ron Edwards. Unique stuff, sort of autobiography-via-comics-and-roleplaying-games (mostly superhero, some indie).

Maybe of interest to the intersection of Ribbonfarm readers with comic-readers / gamers. I get a similar "refactoring of perception" out of Ron's writing. He likes to show that what "everybody knows" about D&D or Marvel superheroes is not actually what's in the text.

Please help me expand this list of hilarious local colloquialisms for arthropod species:

daddy long-legs
wooly bear

My company got an innovation award at the Global Climate Action Summit:

(The physical prize is this gaudy silver belt buckle? It reminds me of a wrestling championship belt, or maybe something a millionaire from Texas would wear on TV. I have no idea what we're going to do with it.)

Today I'm at the "Electricity Grid in Evolution" conference,

giving a software demo and speaking on a panel about data standards for interoperability in the solar power industry. I have open-sourced a Python library for converting data into "Orange Button", the standard format we're trying to push.

I would really like Tesla to survive and grow. Seems like if they do it will be in spite of their CEO, not because of him. They're doing good things and it would be so, so sad if they implode because of Mr. Musk's weird rash of nonsensical actions recently. I have no idea what's going on there but from the outside it looks almost like self-destructive behavior. I wonder if Tesla can replace their executives.

In any online argument about a problem, there are some people who are only having the argument because they want to fix the problem, and there are other people who are only talking about the problem because they want to win the argument.

of course take it with a grain of salt that a group pushing a certain policy runs a poll and the poll finds support for that policy, but that said...

it's very encouraging that they found majority support for carbon-tax-and-dividend among both parties.

Not sure if their plan is identical to Citizens' Climate Lobby's plan but they sound very similar.

Rare bit of good news on the climate:

I want California to show the rest of the USA that we can make the energy transition and it won't destroy our economy.

I like that SB100 mandates "carbon-free" rather than "renewable". (I part ways from some environmentalists in that I'm pro-nuclear power. Climate change is so scary we need every form of low-carbon energy we can get. IMO we shouldn't shut down Diablo Canyon.)

As i understand it, the EU copyright thing legally mandates something that hasn't been successfully implemented even once. No proof what they're mandating is even technically possible.

Prediction, if it passes: first, websites simply block EU users while they try to figure out what to do. Then, some sites re-open but with user-generated-content features disabled.

Then, features enabled but it's a coin toss every time you try to post anything whether it goes through or not.

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The #EU Parliament votes on the Copyright Directive, including Articles 11 & 13, are due this Wednesday. If the EU were to vote for 11 & 13 in their original forms, it would have a chilling effect on political discourse, curtail freedom of speech & endanger the #Fediverse .

If you live in the EU (that still includes the UK) get in touch with your MEPs and say to them you oppose 11 & 13. Include your name & address to prove you are a constituent.

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Here is something I thought I would share with my new friends on #Mastodon. The Mastodon (along w/ the Mammoth) belong to the Proboscidean order of fauna. This tusk I found while fossil-hunting comes from a Mammoth or Mastodon (not sure which yet). This is the pointy tip of the tusk. Found in the Pleistocene deposits of the Bone Valley Formation. A true piece of Mastodon for the Mastodon community. :)

#fossil #fossils #paleontology #ivory #pleistocene #bonevalley #fossilhunting

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In two days, the global Rise for Climate rallies take place: the grassroots movement working to turn the tide on fossil fuels by "demanding local leaders commit to building a fossil free world that puts people and justice before profits". Join your local march using the link below! I'm going to be at the Cambridge, UK event so @ me if you're going! ☮☀

#green #solarpunk #activism #activist #renewable #energy #climate #rally

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