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My startup is in Bloomberg this morning:

(kWh Analytics is us). tl;dr: we use data science to convince banks that solar is a safer investment than banks usually think it is. Then solar project developers can get more investment money cheaper.

Pretty exciting that we are now at the stage where we've done multiple deals and are proving the business model works!

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I play the accordion and the Japanese Taiko drums. Current side projects are drawing a near-future sci-fi comic and coding a JRPG loosely based on Mongolian history.

So far i've found every social media platform that i've tried to be completely unusable. Hoping Mastodon might be different.
Down to chat about music, gaming, environment/energy, comics, software development, parenting, etc. anytime.


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Hi. I've been programming computers since 1986. Mostly Python and Javascript these days. I'm married and have a 2-year old daughter.

I left $WELL_KNOWN_INTERNET_COMPANY to career switch into renewable energy and maybe do something about global warming. My startup is trying to reduce the cost of solar power, using data science. We're in San Francisco.

Been reading Ribbonfarm since 2013, never joined the community before.


Upgrading my old Linux laptop all the way from Ubuntu 13 to Ubuntu 19. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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when i hear a bad musician practicing i am hearing a future good musician

I put a poll here 2 months ago about what song I should learn next, and this was the winner, so here you go: Theme song from classic 1974 space opera anime "Space Battleship Yamato", performed on accordion.

There's a mistake around 0:40 but you know what, I'm happy I got it all in one take, I'll just post it as-is to be an honest representation of my current level of performing skills, rather than try to edit it to be perfect.

let me tell you about Homestuck 

let met tell you about Homestuck 

I gave a talk at my company today about what we need to change to be Python 3 compatible. All of my slides were in the form of Geordi La Forge memes. 😄

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind performed as a Kabuki play. OH MY GOD this is AMAZING

Getting very, very close to done rewriting my company's web application into Python 3. A few integration tests are still failing, but the basic functionality works now.

Most of the effort hasn't been with the syntax changes to the language itself, but have been a result of having a forced upgrade of a bunch of our dependencies all at once.

It sure has been a learning process.

I've been practicing the Space Battleship Yamato song ( ) and tonight I noticed something cool:

you know that cool riff at the end of the chorus? it starts with a heroic rising 5th, John Williams style, but immediately swerves down to the dreaded tritone ("the devil's interval"), undercutting the heroism with an ominous warning

tonight I realized what that is: a direct melodic reference to "Mars, the Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst

let me tell you about homestuck 

let me tell you about homestuck 

dad joke 

let me tell you about homestuck 

let me tell you about homestuck 

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"In addition to its economic impact, tariffs on solar have caused 10.5 gigawatts (GW) of solar installations to be cancelled, enough to power 1.8 million homes and reduce 26 million metric tons of carbon emissions."

The solar tariff disaster: 62,000 jobs and $19 billion in investments lost

#Solar #Politics

"Coal power becoming 'uninsurable' as firms refuse cover "

Yesss... die, coal, die! Next let's make oil and natural gas uninsurable too!

Hi, John! I've been rewatching Deep Space Nine on Netflix and it holds up so well. I really appreciate the adult complexity and ambiguity of the moral dilemmas. I'm getting even more out of it as an adult than I did watching it for the first time in the 90s as a teenager. And somehow it feels more relevant to today's issues than most visual sci-fi being made today.

Thanks for helping make such an amazing piece of science fiction, it's really enriched my life.

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bleak politics, civil war, let's have a Talk 

Oh no, it's the time of year I can't go to any commercial establishment without being subjected to "christmas music"

The way stores do "christmas music" is like a playlist designed to cause maximum mental whiplash by jarring transitions of tone and style. Consider:

1. church hymn
2. alvin & the chipmunks
3. 50s crooner
4. that Paul McCartney one that's just the same synthesizer line over and over
5. betty boop
6. back to church hymns
7. grandma got run over by a reindeer


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hey can I join ?

A lot of people are down on Act I of Homestuck but it's one of my favorite parts!

I've done a lot of work in human-computer interface design, so all the Act I jokes about bad UI design hit close to home. Hussie did a ton of work designing the visuals and the jargon for all these perversely convoluted UIs, and I love it.

I actually miss the captchalog jokes a lot when they disappear later.

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