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My startup is in Bloomberg this morning:

(kWh Analytics is us). tl;dr: we use data science to convince banks that solar is a safer investment than banks usually think it is. Then solar project developers can get more investment money cheaper.

Pretty exciting that we are now at the stage where we've done multiple deals and are proving the business model works!

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I play the accordion and the Japanese Taiko drums. Current side projects are drawing a near-future sci-fi comic and coding a JRPG loosely based on Mongolian history.

So far i've found every social media platform that i've tried to be completely unusable. Hoping Mastodon might be different.
Down to chat about music, gaming, environment/energy, comics, software development, parenting, etc. anytime.


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Hi. I've been programming computers since 1986. Mostly Python and Javascript these days. I'm married and have a 2-year old daughter.

I left $WELL_KNOWN_INTERNET_COMPANY to career switch into renewable energy and maybe do something about global warming. My startup is trying to reduce the cost of solar power, using data science. We're in San Francisco.

Been reading Ribbonfarm since 2013, never joined the community before.


climate doom (slightly +?) 

climate doom (slightly +?) 

climate doom (slightly +?) 

also there is this AMAZING thing that happens in my brain if I listen to progressive rock while drawing Yuki Hoshigawa comics

i'm not sure I can explain it to anybody who's not me, but this precise combination of stimuli triggers some dormant neural pathways very strongly

suddenly, the person who I was in 2002 comes back out, full of ideas and fire, ready to take on the world, seeing life as possibilities instead of responsibilities

Back on the drawing train after some weeks only working on my script. It was very productive, I got almost 2 pages penciled in a couple of hours yesterday.

The lesson here is that penciling goes an order of magnitude faster if I'm not trying to design characters, decide panel layouts, and figure out how to advance the scene at the same time. If I've solved all those problems in thumbnailing/scripting and penciling time can just be focused on poses and expressions.

somebody at work is giving away Banana Republic coupons, and it just reminded me how utterly strange it is that there's a clothing store chain named Banana Republic. That's like naming your store "Failed State" or "Tinpot Dictatorship"

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i do not sincere post very often but just so you all know i deeply care about camping and nature. Today is the anniversary of national parks being created 102 years ago. As a show of my appreciation of them id like to share one of my favorite things the parks have provided

this is a link to a live bear cam in Alaska the stream is very calming and relaxing for me to watch and i hope some of you tune in to watch the bears fishing and having a chill one.

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A startup wants to store gigawatt-hours in the gravitational potential energy field... that is, lift rocks with a crane when extra is available, lower them back down when energy is needed.

I was keeping the kid entertained on an airplane by drawing monsters with crayons.

She told me that the monster she wants to be is a yellow T-Rex with black stripes. So I drew this (I gave the T-Rex her real-life hairdo so she knows it's her). Then she told me to draw a purple dragon, and that the purple dragon was me.

so yes these are our kaiju-sonas now I guess

But wait, imagine if you didn't know about crickets, and you were like "what is that sound??? that horrible repetitive sound?" and you went outside and tried to find the source, but it's just... coming from everywhere. Whoa. You would freak out!

I'm listening to the crickets chirping outside the screen door right now. What a comforting sound. It's my favorite part of summer.

Standard economic theory: "government regulation is bad because we wouldn't want to distort the mechanism by which the market eliminates waste and weeds out inefficient companies"

Meanwhile, venture capitalists:

"WeWork is losing $2.7 billion this year, up from $1.7 billion last year, or $5,200 per customer per year, 24 times what Uber loses per customer per year... sounds like an exciting opportunity to shovel more money into their IPO!"

ICE (anti-ICE work, +) 

tonight I got inspired and wrote a quick-and-dirty Python program that parses a comic script and outputs SVG files with the right number and size of panels, word balloons and thought clouds already filled in with the dialogue: everything but the art.

One could print the SVG page and use it for penciling, or import the SVG as a photoshop layer overlaying the artwork layer, or both.

Basically I want to be able to treat my comic script like source code: edit it, recompile, see the changes.

"Shit is Fucked, What Can We Do? : Mutual Aid Projects"

found this video very inspiring, especially the underlying ethos of "government/corporations are hostile and/or irrelevant, they're not gonna help us, we have to help each other"

What is mutual aid, but the foundation of a functional society? Why wait around for our dysfunctional society to collapse when we can start building new, functional ones, locally, ground-up, inside it, right now?

Hong Kong protests, state violence 


Part of this is that the way my brain works is sometimes really bad for improv -- people who have role-played with me know that I'm the guy who will stop an exciting space battle to ask how we refilled our oxygen tanks or other such boring logistics (I'm sorry! I can't help it!)

But, we talked about the problem and my wife had some great ideas for tools & techniques to make it easier to focus our improv energy in productive directions, that we'll try next time.

like, we made it work once via sheer creative effort, but you have to really be in a creative mood and really in-sync with your partner and it's still very creatively tiring.

Yesterday we landed the TARDIS in Meiji Japan but something was wrong: Tokyo was under attack by bomber airplanes, 50 years ahead of schedule.

That was my wife's great idea for a twist. But then what? My improv skills abandoned me and I had a bunch of bad ideas that stalled the plot instead of advancing it.

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