I think it's beautiful how imperfections make art. Software developers work really hard to add imperfections to art programs and CGI, because humans can sense when something is too perfect; we're made uncomfortable by it.

We love the grit and grain of the page and the graphite. The rough and irregular edges of ink and chalk. The imprecision of the human hand.

Don't be perfect. Be you. That's what people want. That's art.


@ScribbleAddict I started reading this and I got to "software developers work really hard to add imperfections" and I thought it was going to be some sarcastic snark about the quality of software engineering. 😄 But then I kept reading and it was something sincere and beautiful. Thank you.

@nindokag Haha you're welcome :D I was hoping to be encouraging to all sides. Glad you liked it ^_^

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