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My favorite fact about Elon Musk, which I learned from a talk given by one of the Tesla founders:

Elon Musk was not there when they founded Tesla. He made an investment in Tesla later on, and one of the things he wanted in return for his investment was to get the title "Founder of Tesla". He literally bought the title.

@nindokag @orb @thatcosmonaut mm-hm. He also actually turned Tesla into an innovative company it is now. It was going nowhere until that moment. So what he bought was basically just aa brand, which he used for the company that's entirely his.

Oh you mean like Union busting, missing order delivery dates, have cars burst into flames, etc?
@nindokag @orb @thatcosmonaut

@isagalaev @nindokag @orb @thatcosmonaut Elon Musk is never going to love you back you don't have to defend his honor on here

@nindokag @orb @thatcosmonaut that's some million dollar man championship title level brain right there

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