Remake of Indiana Jones where the adventuring archaeologist hero is actually native to the Middle East and is trying to recover his own culture's historical artifacts to keep them safe before the British Empire can plunder them and take them away to the British Museum. Subplot about how ownership of tangible history becomes a rallying point for the nascent independence movement.

@nindokag Tragic ending where everything and everyone gets bombed to shit because WW1.

@machado i was thinking it's still in the inter-war period like the original movies. if it was pre-WW1 then they'd all still be part of the Ottoman Empire which is also an interesting story but a very different one

but yeah, your larger point stands, there's probably not a happy ending 😕

@nindokag In a sense, archeology is a kind of greek tragedy about transience. Archeologists and historians do all they can to make monuments and artifacts last just a bit longer, memories of memories, but eventually they too will be gone and forgotten.

It's a life dedicated to a lost battle, a fate sealed by the mechanics of entropy.

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