"Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace" Douglas Rushkoff, 1994 (not pirated: the author approved releasing full text of the book online)

A fascinating reminder what people in 1994 thought Cyberspace and the Information Superhighway would be like. Almost an alien mindset now

In retrospect, it's absolutely tragic. Not just that the internet turned out so much worse than we thought it was going to be; but that our ambitions have shrunk so much.

Re-reading parts of Cyberia and there are places where it's kind of obvious that some self-described "hacker" psychedelic-drug-user "visionary" is just feeding Douglas Rushkoff a line of bullshit, and he's desperate to seem "cool" and not "square" so instead of being skeptical, he breathlessly reports on it and asks for more

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