Fictional vs. actual cyberpunk dystopias: Cyberpunk predicted authoritarians would censor the truth, and hackers would be heroes for liberating data.

It didn't predict "swamp true information in a flood of lies, memes, and self-contradictory propaganda" would be easier than censorship and become the preferred authoritarian info-warfare tactic.

The limiting resource for truth-finding isn't data, it's *attention*.

Maybe the hero we need is less "hackers" and more "reputable journalists"

@nindokag Oddly, Metal Gear Solid 2 did predict this, even though the project wasn't really about "predicting" anything.

@nindokag and i think we were supposed to like the corporate overthrow of governments a bit less


What classic cyberpunk stories are about "authoritarians censoring truth?"

@nindokag actually I seem to remember censorship in cyberpunk was usually practiced by swapping it with false Information?

LB I still think it's hackers. But what we hack will be filters, preprocess layers, bs detectors, reputation system, memetic defenses, user agents, etc. - software layers to protect us against the onslaught of nonsense. Firewalls for the mind, because we're all ghosthacked without it.

@nindokag unfortunately, we're replacing journalists with big data & machine learning

@nindokag in china, and other countries censorship is still popular

@nindokag Well spoken. Hackers have proven to follow nothing but their own agenda too often.

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