This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.


@voodoologic what I love about this is: it doesn't show people being dumb, it shows people being smart! They're adapting to their environment, sharing knowledge, and helping each other

as a designer of technology it might make us mad to see people using our thing "wrong", but we should remember that once it's out in the world, it belongs to them, not to us, and they may find things to do with it we never imagined.

@nindokag that's well put. I think i've watched it hundreds of times by now.

@nindokag @voodoologic This is probably the best argument against intellectual property I've ever heard. Thank you.

@nindokag @voodoologic Some certain benevolent maintainer for life should read this and live it more.

@nindokag @voodoologic I think it mostly demonstrates that designers are often bad at designing affordances

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