How to get all the free speech defenders as far away from me as possible

The only people who I see defend free speech online are those who defend white supremacists.



Your comment makes me sad. Leftists and centrists should be louder in defending free speech. It's critical and I refuse to let white supremacists "own" it as an issue.

White supremacists and other fascists would not hesitate to take away free speech from the rest of us anywhere they gained enough power. They're total hypocrites about it. At the same time, most of what they whine about being violated is not even free speech, but their sense of entitlement to an audience.

@Gargron P.S. thanks for making Mastodon, Eugen, it's fun and I like it.

if white supremacists are whining to you about their instances being de-federated, well, i think that just proves that your idea of federation is working as intended.

@nindokag @Gargron it's a really obvious trick that fascists use, they try to make something seem ugly so that we run away from it . Pepe pheneomena in a nutshell was that 4chan didn't like normies and celebs stealing their meme. They (bad guys) laugh like crazy when they trick short-sighted fools like Gargron into opposing freedom and decentralization because the CIA, NSA, Interpol, etc really really don't like the idea of a truly decentralized social network. (Twitter has been a huge cash cow for TPTB, very useful tool for them as well)

Don't be a reactionary. Act. Let them react.

Freedom, liberty, decentralization, privacy: left-wing virtues.
Tyranny, authority, hierarchies, fascism: right-wing virtues.

Fediverse means there are no authorities or censors.
Fediverse means we're all equal : innocent until proven guilty.
Fediverse means you decide who you follow and who you don't.
Fediverse means you decide what posts you don't see.

Gargron is wrong and he knows that he's wrong but he doesn't care because it lets him spin a new narrative, meaning increased media relevancy & more funding. His CIA handlers also approve of building central authority into Fedi
@sum @nindokag @Gargron Wouldn't it be possible to fork the software and keep it decentralized if Gargron ever tried doing that shit?
@ArdanianRight @Gargron @nindokag
Watch what's happening: first #Gab today, then #GNUSocial tomorrow, and then #Pleroma the day after and finally GlitchFE.

Gargle has decided to remove #ostatus from #Mastodon in the near future; there is a clear and obvious pattern emerging for Gargle's 2020 business model.
@sum @nindokag @Gargron Notice that the main pro-censorship enforcers right now are megacorporations. Do you think the end result of corporate censorship will ever be progressive or egalitarian? Really I just want to live in a more or less free country where I can say what I think, forget left and right.
@ArdanianRight @Gargron @nindokag i'm such a radical anti-capitalist bro ... I do everything that billionaires tell me to do

Gargron is a bourgeois rich kid. Never eaten out of a dumpster. Never slept hungry. Never been beat up by police. Never actually spent real time with the proletarian and lumpen he claims to be fighting for. Probably never even been arrested. You've seen the photos he posts, his clothing, his travel plans, all that.

He's a scam artist.
@sum @Gargron @nindokag There's a lot of people who call themselves leftists who are spoiled kids and are nothing but posers. Google is right now the epitome of an abusive megacorporation, and anyone on their side isn't a leftist in any meaningful way.
@ArdanianRight @Gargron @nindokag Gargron is an abuser, a swindler, a braggart, and buffoon.
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