Mozilla Foundation vs Corporation 

I was confused about this myself up until recently, but Firefox is NOT developed by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation! It's developed by the Mozilla Corporation, which is a for-profit entity!

If you're willing to run a browser developed by a for-profit company at all, Firefox is probably still your best bet.



Mozilla Foundation vs Corporation 


When I first heard about the corporation vs. foundation split I thought it sounded sketchy as hell too, but it's not. They spun the corp. off from the foundn. so that they could pay taxes properly on the search-bar money they were getting, without changing the foundn's non-profit status. The foundn. is the sole owner of the corp., so it's still the non-profit calling the shots, not investors, which I think is the important thing.

Mozilla Foundation vs Corporation 

@freakazoid (disclaimer, i used to work for Mozilla Corporation. I disagree with a lot of their decisions, which is why I left, but I think despite their screw-ups they're sincere about keeping the web open, and a good ally to have.)

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