@RobinHood one of the weirder aspects of the far right is their fervent opposition to vegans and vegetarians because reasons


@taweret @RobinHood

I just had an impossible burger for the first time today, and then I come on mastodon and I see this. What the fuck?!?

@marie_joseph @taweret @RobinHood

i don't know if souls are real, but if we take the bible literally, then i'm in a lot more trouble for eating a regular cheeseburger (i.e. "thou shalt not boil a young goat in it's mother's milk", Exodus 23:19) than anything made of plant protein

you ask one of these so-called christians about that and they'll go "old testament doesn't count anymore, new covenant" then turn around and quote Leviticus 20:13 when it suits their purposes 🤔

In my time as a Christian bigot, I was more wont to quote Romans 1:24-27, but that's because I actually studied the Bible (and thus lost my faith)
@taweret @RobinHood

@nindokag I'm also like... if changing people's DNA (aka mutation) damns souls from entering the Kingdom of Heaven, this guy should also have deep concerns about: the Sun, bananas, radioactive pollution, cigarettes, carcinogens in general....all of which have been fucking up human DNA long before fake meat got made.

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