Wow i just saw the episode "In the Pale Moonlight". For the first time. I somehow managed to avoid being spoiled on it all these years.




I continue to be amazed by how well told the story of a massive inter-quadrant war while barely ever showing any of it on screen.

"In The Pale Moonlight" was the epitome of that: galaxy-shaking events, told with... I think ONE shot of a spaceship? It's mostly people in rooms, talking passionately. I know it's for budget reasons, but it really works -- it keeps the focus on how the war affects people, and how people affect the war, not how many cool spaceships they can blow up.

@nindokag My favorite episode of any trek! Its also amazing because it stands on its own, I've shown it to folks who know trek but never watched DS9 to get them into it.

@unlofl Yeah, it stands on its own so well and relies so little on SFX that now I'm thinking how it could be done as a stage play with only minor changes, hmmmm...

I'm also thinking how this is the darkest that Star Trek could ever go before it ceases to be Star Trek (and becomes Battlestar Galactica)

It works because it's presented as a moral horror story at odds with the Trek ethos. A lot of more recent genre shows would present the same actions as standard "cool gritty antihero" stuff. 😕

@nindokag Damn, I've thought "trek in the park" was a cool dorky idea, but for this episode I'm suddenly super into it.

@nindokag It’s hands down my favorite DS9 episode, possibly my favorite Trek episode overall.

Andrew Robinson and Avery Brooks’ acting in that episode is truly fantastic.

@nindokag DS9 nailed character development and interaction like few other 1990s’ shows

@chucker Yes! I am really impressed with how modern the storytelling feels, for a show of its vintage!

Most stuff from back then negates its character development by hitting the reset button every episode. Modern shows of the "netflix binge watch" model sometimes go too far in the other direction, leaning on serialization so hard that they don't tell good self-contained episode stories. I really like the balance of of individual episode stories and longer arcs in DS9.

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