Sometimes homeless people sleep on the street outside my new office location.

I've decided I should get to know them. They're my neighbors.

This morning I asked a guy if he wanted anything from the CVS, he said a roast beef sandwich and a Rockstar energy drink, so I bought him that.

A guy in a nice suit in front of me in line at the CVS had seen the same homeless guy, and was making fun of him for being dirty, and trying to get the cashier to laugh with him. What an asshole.

@nindokag for winter it's also fancy to buy a backpack and filling it with cloths and other stuffs and giving it to them. Some do that in here. To to have something warm to wear and a good and waterproof backpack.

Yet all that shouldn't happen and no one being homeless tho.

@nindokag i still so vividly remember my week in san Francisco. i went for two conferences, and stayed in a hostel because it was very close to one of the venues, and had breakfast pancakes for a dollar.

the hostel was in the tenderloin, and every day i walked to and from a conference in a big fancy hotel not even a km away

@nindokag i walked past so, so many homeless people, and i'd watch tech bros step over homeless families on the sidewalk, while talking about how they working on the next big thing, and how it's gonna change the world

@hirojin I KNOW, RIGHT????

How they think they're gonna change the world when they can't, or don't want to, even change the one city they live in?

How can this city make so many millionaires but still not afford to give folks a decent place to sleep???

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