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@Thomas .... had this sculptor ever seen a real baby?

reasons my daughter has woken me up in the middle of the night:

"DADDY! I got a boogers!"

"DADDY! My teeth! My TEEEETH!" (her teeth were fine but she had a bad dream about them)

"DADDY! I can't see anything!" (she had gotten stuck underneath the fitted sheet of her mattress)

"DADDY! We have to go downstairs find my little pants!"

"DADDY! Where are my EYES?" (I had to reassure her they were still in her face as usual)

"DADDY! Stop playing my 小狗游戏! You can't play it, it's mine!"

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The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

Re-reading parts of Cyberia and there are places where it's kind of obvious that some self-described "hacker" psychedelic-drug-user "visionary" is just feeding Douglas Rushkoff a line of bullshit, and he's desperate to seem "cool" and not "square" so instead of being skeptical, he breathlessly reports on it and asks for more

on my way to work this morning, a guy crossing the street next to me kept repeating under his breath:

"information equals eternal life... information equals eternal life... information equals eternal life..."

uh, cool theory, bro?

"Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace" Douglas Rushkoff, 1994 (not pirated: the author approved releasing full text of the book online)

A fascinating reminder what people in 1994 thought Cyberspace and the Information Superhighway would be like. Almost an alien mindset now

In retrospect, it's absolutely tragic. Not just that the internet turned out so much worse than we thought it was going to be; but that our ambitions have shrunk so much.

@dankwraith mmm yes you got good taste in video games, my man

@BruceJia @vgr Seconding Bruce's question! this sounds like it could be very interesting

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@Elmkast I've done a bunch of R. it was a couple years ago. Want some help? Feel free to hit me up with questions.

R is such a different programming paradigm from most languages (it's all based on avoiding loops and instead writing operations that affect multiple data points in parallel) that it's almost better to go into it without much other programming experience. Less to un-learn that way.

@ajroach42 What do you think of ST: Discovery?

I watched the first few episodes with high hopes but didn't finish the season -- it was focusing way too hard on the military side of Star Trek, which isn't the side that interests me

@ykgoon cool, looking forward to reading this!

Are you writing and drawing or is someone else drawing?

@riga @ykgoon @jamescgibson @scottwerner I kind of think that if you don't have a shared aesthetic/vision between programmers, the project is in trouble already.

If this is true, maybe pair programming is just getting the underlying disagreements out in the open sooner, before they fester into something that will break the project.

continuing @ykgoon's marriage analogy, sometimes it's healthier for the marriage to have the argument than to avoid it and quietly resent each other.

the only way Spider-verse would be stronger thematically is if it ended with a declaration that Sony and Marvel were renouncing copyright to Spider-Man and he's now a public domain character.

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