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"Anything discovered by AI research that achieves practical usefulness stops being called AI", is a saying they used to say. For example, "search" was considered an AI problem at one time, but once search engines became commercial they weren't called AI.

Something's changed, though. Image-classifying neural networks have gone commercial and we're still calling them AI.

In a sense the current "AI revolution" is nothing but a change in marketing strategy.

Daihachi Oguchi studied jazz in America and, in the 1950s, returned to Japan and combined it with the ceremonial Shinto music of his hometown Suwa Shrine.

Before that, taiko drumming was a very slow-paced, tradition-oriented religious music. Oguchi-sensei literally "jazzed it up". 😄

Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi (honoring Hiryu, the Dragon God of Suwa Shrine) is historically important as one of the earliest pieces in this new genre. 🐉 ⛩️

History and videos here:

My taiko drumming group started a new song today: Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi (飛龍三段返し “The Dragon God Descends Three Times")

This was a favorite composition of Daihachi Oguchi-Sensei, creator of modern taiko. Every year on June 27, the anniversary of Oguchi-sensei passing away, taiko groups around the world play Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi in his honor: and this June we're gonna join the tradition.

It's a fabulous song and I'm excited to learn to perform it!

some good news:

"Developers have applied to build 139 GWac of large-scale solar projects in the territory of six grid operators – around five times what is currently online across the country"

A special problem for teachers who are also parents: winter break = two weeks when day care is closed, but you still have a ton of grading to do.

(For my wife, it was a huge stack of history papers to grade.)

You don't usually think about it, if you're not a teacher-who-is-a-parent (or related to one) but it's one of the most stressful times of the year for them. Just as much work without as much help.

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In so much (cyberpunk?) media from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the hero is a journalist.

Journalism, was seen as the ultimate tool against despots.

(Think Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future, or Transmetropolitan, Makers (and many of the rest of Doctorow's books) or even Futureworld.)

And VCs + Facebook have effectively crippled modern journalism. Destroyed most local journalism. Rendered the pursuit of truth an optional side project for the left, and incompatible with the right.

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working on validating the correctness of units when converting solar power data to this new Orange Button format.

just laughed out loud when i realized that, according to this spec, I could make a perfectly valid document that gives the size of a panel in Horsepower and the total energy produced in Calories

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Somebody made a machine learning algorithm that looks for rooftop solar panels in satellite images, mapped their density all across the USA. This is really cool work!

Today at lunch we had some fun at my company zooming way in on their map and comparing it to what we know. Their Florida is a lot more densely populated than ours. We have a hunch their algorithm might be misidentifying some greenhouses or water heaters as solar panels?

my daughter's grandpa keeps buying shirts for her

one of them says "DADDY'S LITTLE GENIUS" and i'm afraid to let her wear it in public, because people will assume I bought it and think i'm one of those megalomaniac parents.

another one says "SEARGENT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND" and i'm curious why they even make that in toddler sizes. It's like "I, a two-year-old, am very enthusiastic for this album that came out 50 years before i was born."

I don't know anything about the stock market, but I just read a Bloomberg article and I'm amazed by all the colorful jargon those guys have invented to describe what sounds to me like superstitions about a random walk.

Some of us in the solar industry are trying to standardize on one data format, so our reporting tools and APIs could all be compatible.

(the current state of the art is "get emailed an Excel attachment, ask what all the columns mean, ask whether these numbers are in watts or kilowatts, ...")

I'm working on some open-source software to translate to/from this new format (named "Orange Button") and I need more beta testers. Message me if that sounds at all interesting!

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@nindokag I also (as implied upthread) expect some kind of 'correction' in the ad market, although I actually kinda think adblockers are likely to be a marginal contributor; afaik the price of ads has been trending downwards for a long time, and it's not like they're getting any more effective. at the same time, even if the ad economy collapsed tomorrow, I expect facebook and google have enough assets to flail around for a good few years until they find a new revenue stream

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international call for multiple general strikes in 2019 to raise awareness about climate date: 15. january

boost this!!

Me: by the time the Western Roman empire fell, didn't their army mostly consist of "barbarian" mercenaries? So, couldn't you say that they were queering the Roman/Barbarian binary?

my wife, an actual history teacher: 😡

I couldn't find my credit card and i was about to cancel it,

then i was out walking at night with my wife and we saw our Dim Sum place was open late so, on impulse, we stopped in for a bite.

As soon as the owner saw me he said "I think you left your credit card here!" I had indeed!

So this guy not only kept my card safe and refused to take advantage of it, he ALSO remembered what I looked like so he could offer it without me even asking

What a good guy! Restored a little faith in humanity.

can someone explain the "We live in a society" meme to me?

like, i can think of three or four different things "We live in a society" could be implying, depending on the tone of voice

What do people usually mean by that? Or is the ambiguity the point?

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