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Vermont 3/3

A unique thing about Vermont is that it's one of the most rural states in the country but also the most liberal (e.g. first to legalize gay marriage, back when that was a crazy idea)

Being a proud redneck, and being a pot-smoking leftist hippie, which are opposites in most of the country, in Vermont are *the same thing*. There's just no contradiction there. Go ahead and put a "Feel the BERN" sticker on your tractor.

Makes you wonder why they have to be enemies everywhere else.

Vermont 2/3:

The farm store in her tiny town still has horse-hitches out front. Inside, the kombucha is on tap. Everything is locally made and everything has maple in it. Maple cheddar. Maple matcha.

I went out to the barn to help feed the horses. Borrowed knee-high boots to walk through the snow. Without any light pollution, Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades were stunning.

I spent some formative years of my childhood up there and I forgot how much I love it.

Had a great time visiting my sister in Vermont. I spent formative childhood years there but haven't been back since I was a teenager.

She works at a ski resort called Smuggler's Notch, which is closer to Montreal than to any major city in America.

(Smugglers used the Notch to circumvent ban on import of English goods during the war of 1812. Then to smuggle slaves to Canada on the Underground Railroad. Then to smuggle rum from Canada during Prohibition.)

Vermont 1/3

It's a constant struggle to say what you mean instead of what people expect to hear.

It's a constant struggle to like what makes you happy instead of what makes you seem cool.

It's a constant struggle to want what's meaningful to you instead of what you've been told you're supposed to want.

Even if you think of yourself as a free-thinking nonconformist, that just flips the sign bit on your "what makes me seem cool" heuristic, it doesn't let you skip the struggle.

My toddler is playing with an old Rurouni Kenshin wall scroll. It's a flag! It's a tent! It's a parachute! It's a reminder of what a long, long time has passed since I was a teenage anime nerd in the 90s!


I tried to watch the movie "Annihilation" on the airplane yesterday but it was too scary for me so I turned it off. Now I'm reading spoilers to find out how it ended.

in answer to my earlier question about hiding youtube recommendations, my wife found me a Firefox addon that does it:

ahhhh, it's so relaxing now. And best of all, our toddler won't ask me to show her Peppa Pig if she never seens suggestions for Peppa Pig!

(sorry but I can't stand Peppa Pig, both of her eyes are on one side of her nose, like a pink land flounder. it's creepy.)

πŸ‚ Today I went snowboarding for the first time in 16 years πŸ‚

I remembered what the hell i was doing about halfway through my first big run of the day. There was something kind of amazing about feeling the muscle memory slowly booting up from some compressed archive deep in my cerebellum.

After the adrenalin wore off, all the wipeouts caught up with me and now it feels like i've been punched in the back by a mountain. But you know what: it's a good kind of pain.

I love rock music videos where somebody's "playing" electric guitar in, like, the middle of a grassy field, without a wire, amp, or speaker in sight.

Like... do they think they're fooling anybody? Or are we supposed to be in on the joke?

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@starwall @_aD Gonna induce whiplash with the best flag: Zheleznogorsk, Russia.

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My wife loves Oreos but hates the filling, so she buys bags of Double-Stuff Oreos and immediately opens every cookie, scrapes the Stuff out into the garbage, and puts the cookies back in the bag for later.

I asked her why she buys Double-Stuff if she doesn't want Stuff. Seems like paying for twice as much of what you don't want.

She responded that the Stuff is a lot easier to remove from Double-Stuff.

And that is the kind of outside-the-box thinking that makes her such a formidable intellect!

How the heck am I only now getting into Kate Bush???

I admire her commitment to Doing The Thing with complete sincerity, whatever The Thing needs to be for a certain song: whether it's singing digits of pi, or getting attacked by giant violins. She's not worried about looking like a crazy person. She's not gonna stop and explain what "orgonon" is. She just puts the riddle out there and you can solve it or not.

Seems like an artist I shoulda been into my whole life.

i have an idea for a website that's better than YouTube in every way:

it's called "YouTube minus the recommended video links". That's it.

(Seriously, anybody know if there's a browser add-on that just hides all the recommended video links? That would be great)

uspol, dumb culture war shit 

Anybody know any good Nintendo Switch games with online multiplayer? Looking for games to play with my sister who lives across the country. I know Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Splatoon are the big ones but how about indie recommendations?

"Baby, it's cold outside" except it's about me trying to convince my daughter she needs to put a jacket on before we go play in the backyard

watching Monsters, Inc with my daughter for the 1,001th time and noticed YET ANOTHER thing that bugs me about this script:

There's no in-character reason Mike has to hide the escaped child from his girlfriend, Celia. They're coworkers. It's every bit as much her business as it is his.

the ONLY reason Mike lies to Celia is because it's obligatory for buddy-comedies to have a "guy hides hijinks from his GF" subplot.

follow me for more hard-hitting criticism of kids' movies from 15 years ago

Flux ( ) is an add-on that changes the color balance of your computer screen at night so you're not kept awake by the subconscious effect of bright white light). I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately there's a bug in the video drivers of Mac OS 10.13.6 that makes Flux not work right anymore.

The silver lining is that the bug causes black pixels to turn bright blue or cyan, which creates interesting accidental artwork like this:

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