Neat iPhone trick: if you share a webpage while in reader mode to the built-in Mail app it will clip the whole article into the email. I wish it did this when sharing to notes.

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@Bert if you’re exploring the fringe of possibility space the only way to fail is to die before reporting in.

Is it considered bad form to boost your own reply so that it appears in your main timeline?

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@nindokag Yes. Go back in time and add:

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals, print_function

to all your modules.

I work at a large organization and if I want my career to go anywhere I need to develop a broader view. Can anyone recommend some software to keep track of what’s going on in other departments? I imagine it would be like a business contact manager except for keeping “in touch” with projects instead of people. If you can even tell me what the name for this is, it would be helpful. (Ideally it would link with a people manager too)

Can one be a cynic on a case by case basis or is it strictly a worldview? If you suspect someone is acting in their own self interest at what level of confidence is it no longer cynical and merely fact.

I wonder if the politicians resigning in protest of partisanship realize the void will get filled with increased partisanship.

We have seven urinals at work and yet everyone seems to start at the second one ruining any possible pattern.

I saw an article today that referred to a hockey stick graph as having the blade on the x-axis and the handle on the y-axis. It my mind it’s always been the reverse. How can I understand anything if we can’t agree on fundamentals?

Similar question, If there’s no free will then what should I do (be compelled to do) about it?

I keep coming across posts, podcasts, etc. discussing if we’re living in a simulation. None of them discuss why this would matter. Assuming I’m in a simulation how should I change my behavior?

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Microsoft Edge contains a hidden whitelist that lets Facebook always run Flash, even bypassing click2play policy:

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boost this and I'll assign you an rpg trinket* until I can't think of any more trinkets**

* a simple item lightly touched by mystery

**as above, but plural

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<< Me, starting Internet Law class w/a joke: Guys, the last time this course was taught here the cutting edge case was Napster!

[blank stares]

Me, horrified: Wait. DO YOU KNOW WHAT NAPSTER IS?

[sheepish shaking of heads]


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@temujin9 yes, yes, no, some pain?

you can create back ups (not automatically, unless you program it?) and lists for all your followees/block/mute/posts and import them in (and perhaps automate this?) but all your followers will have to refollow you. if your old server is still running you can point it to your new one, but it doesn't do much other than put a notice in your profile iirc.

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@zacharius I actually have trouble when people describe themselves as any type of person. I worked in tech for over a decade but I never identified as a "computer person". I think it's because it encourages thinking of these things as innate when really I believe they're about actions taken over time. And to label me as a "computer person" would diminish the effort involved, as if I were born with some natural computer brain.

I agree with you; people can and should learn basic computer skills.

“It uses about as much energy as a 100W light bulb” - sales guy

Wait But Why's article on Neuralink makes me optimistic about the future in general.

Mastodon question: did all the toots in that thread show up on my timeline or just the top one? What's the protocol for marking the start of a thread?

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