After reading @nindokag 's opinion yesterday about technological stagnation I remembered about this post-understanding stuff and I thinks it's bigger than people realize. Moore's law isn't tapering off.. it's over. And a large chunk of technological gains in the last century are due to increasing computation. Thus, we're seeing broad technological stagnation as a consequence.

BUT I'm optimistic about the future of technological advancement. As we get into the era of Software 2.0 and post-understanding in general it will fuel startling advances in almost every field.


Another chunk of historic advancement was due to improvements in person to person communication. And we've also reached (forgive the expression) peak Microsoft Office. If Elon gets Neural Link going then we should also see another technological boom as it would break down the part of "The Mythical Man Month" due to communications overhead. If Elon can't get it working, perhaps post-understanding tech will make it hapen.

All in all the tech should take us right up to the Singularity after which all bets are off.

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