Do all computer mice have crap wheels? Does anyone know a mouse model that can handle at least 2 years of heavy use (both scrolling and clicking), or do I have to buy a new one every six months?

@machado I’ve used entry level Logitech and Microsoft mice for 5+ years with no trouble. I scroll all day every day but I only middle click on links. Could something in your environment be gumming up the wheel?

@octesian I've been having this issue over the last ten years. Tried many different things, including environmental factors. The most likely reason seems to be excessive middle clicking.

It's becoming a particular pan in the ass lately because I need large ergonomic mice that I can't find in physical stores nearby, and I got blocked by Amazon.

My current solution is to use a steam controller at home. It's surprisingly comfortable.

@machado what about getting a 5-button mouse and mapping the thumb buttons to middle click. Use the wheel just for scrolling.

@octesian That's exactly the kind of simple solution I tend to overlook. Thanks. Much prosperity be upon your bloodline.


@machado Thanks for the thanks. I must say that it was rather disorienting to be thanked on social media.

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