Similar question, If there’s no free will then what should I do (be compelled to do) about it?

@octesian If there is no free will, you just do as you are programmed to?

@kureshii yes, and I’m compelled to believe in free will anyway and get advice from the internet. And I’m hoping others are compelled to discuss it so we can figure out the best course of action to be compelled to do.

@kureshii that’s what I’m asking. Does it even matter if there’s free will or not?

@octesian As far as I've observed, most folks don't seem to change their decision-making heuristics upon being informed that there is/isn’t free will. I don’t think it matters all that much. If anything, it’s a posthoc explanation after folks have already exercised their (potentially nonexistent) free will.

@octesian stop being vengeful in anything but game theoretical ways

@Harry_Pottash Thats good advice in general. The time spent getting revenge is almost always better spent on one's self. And when revenge is the optimal move it can be justified outside of the revenge motive.

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