Can one be a cynic on a case by case basis or is it strictly a worldview? If you suspect someone is acting in their own self interest at what level of confidence is it no longer cynical and merely fact.

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@octesian You can be a cynic by default, and always start from cynical assumptions. Or you can use some other logic, and sometimes it produces cynical reads.

Also, your worldview can be cynical by design (as in, you pre-comit to cynicism), or by results (it just happens to produce cynical reads consistently).

Being cynical by commitment can make you right despite bad logic, in a sufficiently cynical environment. Reality doesn't really care what or how you think about it.

@machado I’m largely concerned about prediction error and I’m finding my predictions to be more cynical. When it comes to politics I rarely see any martyrs, just self serving behavior. (While paying lip service to a noble cause.)

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