@machado @Elmkast When there's an influx of tourists people would normally be finding ways of separating them from their money. Thus boosting the local economy. Why isn't this happening?

@machado I’m largely concerned about prediction error and I’m finding my predictions to be more cynical. When it comes to politics I rarely see any martyrs, just self serving behavior. (While paying lip service to a noble cause.)

Can one be a cynic on a case by case basis or is it strictly a worldview? If you suspect someone is acting in their own self interest at what level of confidence is it no longer cynical and merely fact.

I wonder if the politicians resigning in protest of partisanship realize the void will get filled with increased partisanship.

We have seven urinals at work and yet everyone seems to start at the second one ruining any possible pattern.

@alper I just moved from a working class neighborhood to one full of professionals so I could have better schools for my kids. But then I want to kindergarten orientation. Even though most of the parents are all objectively smarter than in my old area, there’s a certain behavioral dumbness that transcends class.

@aRandomCat when part of the ideology is to turn in defectors for re-education it’s hard to defect. Even if everyone around you wants to defect too. Because they could be targeted for not turning you in. It’s a stable equilibrium of terribleness.

I saw an article today that referred to a hockey stick graph as having the blade on the x-axis and the handle on the y-axis. It my mind it’s always been the reverse. How can I understand anything if we can’t agree on fundamentals?

@alper Using more resources in order to obtain a superior good.

@ykgoon I was just listening to an interview with Ed Boyden and he mentioned that they can trigger some brain activity in mice via external lighting. He said the plan was to have medical movies but VR would be even better.

@Elmkast Keep in mind that America is more defined by its overreaction/backlash to things, than it is for the things it intends to do.

@ykgoon As for what it means, it’s probably like sucking up to a bad boss.

@ykgoon I wonder how the Mesoamericans felt about Quetzalcoatl.

@ykgoon In Old Testament Judaism you were supposed to fear god.

@ykgoon The greeks and romans probably had disdain for one god or another. Buy those gods are more human and perhaps they were all respected despite their flaws.

@Elmkast if you buy a house you own both the house and a share in the neighborhood. I agree that people who got there first shouldn’t have a greater vote, but they should still get a vote on anything their tax dollars are paying for.

@Elmkast not more financial assets in general but if you own something, or a portion of something your say should mean more than someone’s who isn’t an owner on matters of that thing. It’s a basic part of property rights.

@Elmkast Shouldn’t people with skin in the game have more authority?

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