@temujin9 that’s just what Big Boner wants you to believe.

@riga I noticed it get worse in Mojave too. I thought it was just a Dark Mode thing. I just set CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled to False and it makes small fonts less readable to me. Is that what you're doing?

@xor no need for a book. Read the peps. Every version will reference them in the change log. Or you can start from scratch. python.org/dev/peps/

@bkam The vowing to give it up forever just adds some weight to the decisions. I rarely ever do it. The threat gets me to wrap it up instead of leaving books in limbo indefinitely.

@bkam I also have a policy where I can only read one book at a time and I have to finish it (skimming allowed) or vow to give it up forever. (Technically two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. Plus a blanket exception for reference books related to a project I'm actively working on.)

@bkam Then every few months I go down the list and search for summaries (there's a million blogs doing this). If I think I'll learn more by actually reading it, I'll add it to the second list. Pass or fail I cross it off the first. Then when I need a new book I pick on off the second list.

@bkam I keep two lists of Title/Author. The first is the raw list where I'll put any books that catch my interest whether recommendations or discovered. If I forget the book is on the list (not necessarily forgotten entirely) and go to add it again, I'll put an asterisk next to it. This filters out the rush of interest when the book is new.

@sachinprism @RBU_RSS_BOT you can opt out of search engine indexing. You can also change the default visibility of your posts. Unless someone is out to get you, you should be fine.

@vickysteeves I can’t speak to software but magnetic stripe readers are a cheap commodity. They even make USB ones that show up as a keyboard. When you swipe a card it “types” out the data.

@machado a variant of the old “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” status quo bias.

@machado in general people want you to do what they did because it helps them avoid thinking that maybe they screwed up their own life.

@sachinprism @RBU_RSS_BOT I follow a bunch of people and interact. Most of the action doesn’t show up on the timeline because it’s all replies.

@ykgoon @alper maybe they never actually read the books. Every book pivots around some unexpected edge case in the laws.

@ykgoon wouldn’t well kept retirement communities fail this test? I’d look at money spent on amenities over time. Parks, pools, libraries.

Neat iPhone trick: if you share a webpage while in reader mode to the built-in Mail app it will clip the whole article into the email. I wish it did this when sharing to notes.

@Lofenyy Have you ever been so bored that you just run out of Internet?

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@Bert if you’re exploring the fringe of possibility space the only way to fail is to die before reporting in.

Is it considered bad form to boost your own reply so that it appears in your main timeline?

@Bert if you’re exploring the fringe of possibility space the only way to fail is to die before reporting in.

@Bert from agile software development there’s also “time boxing” where you plan to investigate for 4 hours and report back. Guaranteed success.

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