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Is there a way to reply and also have it show up for my followers? Do I just boost my own toots or is that frowned upon?

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Of all the recent challenges to my sense of identity, the most surprising is realizing I love spreadsheets too much.

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Hmm. So I'm looking to buy some stuff on amazon. Should I use any smarter shopping add-ons? Any other suggestions to save money, or whatever? :/

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tired: experiences over things
wired: reality over experiences

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An idea that keeps resurfacing to fix democracy is the voter qualification test. It’s oddly popular amongst libertarian types even though it makes your rights conditional on the whims of the test maker. What everyone seems to miss is how accessible we make ballots to the ignorant. We could remove all reference of party, pictures of the candidate, and even first name (to avoid gender discrimination). With electronic voting we could randomize the order so A. Aaronson doesn’t win every time.

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If you haven't already listened, In Rainbows by Radiohead gets my absolute. highest. recommendation.

The album really has me rethinking melancholy. Yorke & friends approach with so much force that "sadness is ok" turns into "sadness is rich & complete". I think that's why, at the end of the day I perceive it as a celebratory/optimistic album. It's reveling in the dark and dreary aspects of the human experience.

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the other night I saw my first Lynel in Breath of the Wild. I turned around and ran like hell. While running, I had an epiphany:

Getting myself into trouble, by going to an area or mission that Link isn't yet strong enough for, is essential to *feeling like I'm "having an adventure"*.

Games that attempt to ensure every encounter is "balanced" and "fair" don't feel adventurous. They remove *risk assessment* ("am I ready to tackle this yet or not?") as a core gameplay skill.

Octesian boosted Really well-written horror stories from a former Radio Shack employee.

I have fond memories of Radio Shack as a kid. My first computer was a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. I also learned about circuits on one of their 200-in-1 kits. Later I loved browsing for circuit components in the bins at the back of the store.

But when I hear how badly they treated their workers, I'm not too sad that they went out of business.

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"I have no first-hand knowledge of the depression. My family had one of the great fortunes of the world and it was worth more than ever then. We had bigger houses, more servants, we traveled more. About the only thing that I saw directly was when my father hired some extra gardeners just to give them a job so they could eat. I really did not learn about the depression until I read about it at Harvard." -JFK

Why does no-one speak like this anymore?

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@artlav however, he’d have trouble moving his wealth to the moon so it would most likely be a net loss. He’d also have to be able to withstand a siege.

I spend my time doing software development and self development. Interests in optimization and game theory.

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We Are Updating Our Occult Privacy Policy

At some point in the last few years, we have:

) Viewed you through a scrying pool and/or mirror
) Crafted a double of you from blood and willpower and used it to manipulate your moods and actions and/or
) Sunk into a dark liquid pool, then rose again to the surface but the surface was your eyes, through which we saw all you saw, thought as you thought, as intimate as breath.

Due to new legislation, now we have to ask:
Can we keep doing all that?

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Twitter is like a black hole. A deep gravity well with an insane amount of destructive energy swirling around it.

Imagine growing up near the event horizon of a black hole, then finally making your way out of the accretion disk, to realize there is a calm, quiet galaxy full of stars and nebulae and planets and life.

That's what getting onto the fediverse feels like.

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Scientology e-meter tear-down. Fascinating how over-specced this thing is for basically doing nothing.

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