In the real world no one cares if you fail because there are countless people who fail. There are people with phds in China that immigrate and become unemployed because no one gives a fuck

"xpect Silicon Valley will see itself as high-modernist rebuilders of the new economy, the new “captains of industry” who will put in place a new set of public-private infrastructure and public goods, as well as being much more involved in domestic and foreign policy. This will be a centralizing force, and the “decentralization” movement will be the natural counterculture, absorbing both traditional leftists and traditional libertarians into an ideological agglomeration. "- subpixel

"]. Nothing tells you that the previous non-world will return. All of this profitable nonsense may be over. By dint of not being paid, what could be more natural than not paying your rent? Why would one continue to pay one’s bank debts when one can no longer work anyway? Isn’t it suicidal, in the end, to live where you can’t even grow a garden? Whoever has no more money will not stop eating, and who has strength, will have bread."

"One of the counter-disinformation agenda’s many assumptions is that disinformation is primarily bottom-up rather than top-down. But the New York Times – not Macedonian teenagers, not Russian bots and trolls, not MAGA red hat posters – is circulating blatant disinformation."-Adam Elkus

Another interesting creole movie was the Korean Snowpiercer (clearly Christian in its themes, and far more entertaining than normal Christmas movies).

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"But subconsciously, reactionaries tend to recognize the inevitable future: the incoherence of a pidgin will, if allowed to persist, turn into the strange alien beauty of a new creole. A cultural entity that will do more than compete for hearts and minds with the older cultures it emerged from: it is almost certain to defeat them. "

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The issue with anthropological assumption of implicit bias of the New online Societies is that technology molds culture beyond pre-existing biases. However, the New Society is still derived from American and to a lesser extent secular-industrial society. The degree to which new "angles" or "planes" of culture may replace the diversity of the old (rapidly diminishing) meatspace cultures is yet to be seen.

Who is Seymour Papert and how does his work impact the future of textbooks?

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