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~ Hi Everyone ~

I'm glad this space exists and looking forward to spending some time here. Some things about me:

- web developer for money
- slow burning music projects on the side
- politics/philosophy/psychology buff
- ribbonfarm afficionado

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in the spirit of further , some random things that preoccupy me:

- maintaining a generous sphere of personal freedom while being embedded in society in a fulfilling way
- dreams of next-gen composition tools for virtual modular synthesizers
- thinking about how to make North American cities beautiful and functional in spite of decades of car culture
- recognizing and grappling with spooky psychological antipatterns: mine and others'

Read receipts are an invasion of privacy. If you ever have a choice to implement them or not, don’t do it.

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Burlesque shows basically get this idea right — sex is totally absurd!!

@riga To me, sex is the most ridiculous thing ppl do on a regular basis. So I find it hard to imagine taking it seriously enough to care that ppl do it in a particular configuration.

It’s very weird how who other ppl wanna boink is of the greatest concern to many ppl.

I think I found the right phrase to describe my dayjob writing line of business apps: “bureaucratic plumbing”

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The existence of "meat space" implies the existence of "vegetable space," "dairy space" and "bread space"

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mmmmm... it’s worth getting the more expensive pesto

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Abolishing daylight savings is just reformism. What we really need is to get rid of linear time entirely.

Fun fact for my lefties: The Guardian opposed the creation of the British National Health Service on the grounds that it would weaken the gene pool. IMO they’re the best English speaking ‘left’ news outlet with global reach, but you gotta take the ‘left’ with a grain of salt.

idea: version control with first class support for embedding comments on specific lines of code in the commit, rather than in the source itself. would ideally solve the problem of comments getting out of sync with the code being commented. does this already exist?

Imagine being able to challenge any common practice of modern industrial society and picking routine vaccination.

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@craigmaloney we SERIOUSLY need to drop the "Linux is the way it is because of Power Users" myth. People who've only been doing it THEIR ENTIRE LIFE fight with it constantly. It doesn't have to be this way!! Make friendly tooling! Print out friendly error messages! Use COLOR ffs.

I think it's gonna have to be my next big trip abroad.

Watching RA's Japan city guides. It looks like Japan is very good at aesthetics.

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