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~ Hi Everyone ~

I'm glad this space exists and looking forward to spending some time here. Some things about me:

- web developer for money
- slow burning music projects on the side
- politics/philosophy/psychology buff
- ribbonfarm afficionado

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in the spirit of further , some random things that preoccupy me:

- maintaining a generous sphere of personal freedom while being embedded in society in a fulfilling way
- dreams of next-gen composition tools for virtual modular synthesizers
- thinking about how to make North American cities beautiful and functional in spite of decades of car culture
- recognizing and grappling with spooky psychological antipatterns: mine and others'

@riga And yes I am aware how flakey this sounds XD

I’m not a superstitious person but it looks like synchronicity has been dogging me lately.

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@riga counteracting that, i suppose, is the increasing availability of high quality tools that act as force multipliers for people who know how to use them well

What’s a coding or coding-adjacent niche that has a small minimum valuable unit? It seems like shopify wix et al are making this unit larger (no need for every smb to hire a dev).

I would like to see a discussion of technical debt that foregrounds the impact on the workers building the software in addition to the bottom line of the business. Piling hacks onto an unfixable monstrosity is soul crushing alienation for people with a craftsman’s outlook.

A friend proposed that there are two types of people: void avoiders and void dwellers. I know where I stand 😅

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Humans are born to be artists, scientists, artisans, and philosophers. Children love nothing more than creative expression, learning to understand things, making things with their hands, and asking deep questions.

But society teaches us not to do these things, training us instead to be “productive”. We’re sculpted to fit into a world obsessed with jobs, money, and ownership, and we’re forced to give up the most important parts of ourselves in order to do so – our creativity, and our curiosity.

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Some folk music is more metal than metal. Try “Cruel Sister” for instance.

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Imagine for a moment a society actually designed to convenience us, not one designed to extract wealth. Imagine a society actually designed to work in a sustainable way. Imagine a better way.

omg pipelines have become "energy corridors"

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I always thought Doug Ford looked kinda familiar

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opinion guy
opinion guy
opinions til
the day i die

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