Been trying to learn new skills for the first time in a long time and I realized that purpose of an education system - classes, reading group et al is to help with unlearning helplessness

Most traditional systems instead do a good job of building more helplessness muscles - fear of authority, coloring inside the lines et al

How does everyone else use this Instance? I just login once in a while and be overwhelmed by @RBU_RSS_BOT

I live in Houston, moved to the US a year and half back. I remember reading @vgr Breaking Smart season 1 and thinking “ I want to be among the Prometheans stealing fire” 😆. I work as a marketer for a small bootstrap start up in Texas. I write half baked things thoughts on . New year resolution is to use more of Mastodon and less Twitter 🤔

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I’m looking for some help worldbuilding a part of my novel. Details and a chance to be included can be found

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Happy Sunday.

I was procrastinating joining mastodon and then I saw @vgr's post about what to post on Twitter v what to post on Mastodon.

Had to see how its different

Refactor Camp

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