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~ hello everyone ~

Trained as an engineer (systems&control), now a Bangalore based consultant in the space/satellite sector. I work remotely. Current prominent interests converge on cartography, sustainability, farming, most things wabi-sabi.

I enjoy spending my time rock climbing/hiking, playing music or pretending to code (mostly working on CV/ML things).

Went cold turkey on most social media in 2018, came here now instead. Let's see where this goes.

@vgr linked to this earlier:
Anyone out here that's played around with the GPT2 on "new-agey" poetry, essays and the ilk? A counterpart for the corporate BS generator in the art/lit world, is what I'm hoping to find.

Any good out there that incorporate teleportation? (that include first/second order effects on how such a world would work, global economy shifts and all that)

The Art of Bullshit: On charlatan-esque word porn (and strategy management).
Enjoying my beginner's wade through disillusionment (or enlightenment?) in this world, hah.

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Neat map of history of western philosophy in the form of connections of builds on/refutes

Are there any recent scientific studies out there on water usage for cultured meat? Curious what the water footprint of it is and where this falls in comparison to other food products (meat/plant based). Only series of work I could find was here:

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Challenge for sci-fi writers: help us imagine a postcapitalist future we could live in. Build us a world with economics that are not just "inequality turned totalitarian" (Hunger Games), "Collapse" (Mad Max) or "hand-wave" (Star Trek)!

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Academic research 

* Done quickly
* Done correctly
* Interesting result

Choose two

From having studied ML and control systems in academia a few years ago, I am wondering if a similar distinction can be made between the rapid progress of data hungry supervised ML (read "deep learning") techniques and the much older school of control engineering, steeped in Kalman filters/observers etc. with a more conservative and rigorously math-heavy approach that looks for guaranteed performance/margins.

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Harking back to the Thailand rescue story from last month, this thread (along with the article) offers up the contrasting natures of Silicon Valley's "move fast & break things" approach and a different culture of "move slowly & don't break things" - both schools of thought very useful in building expertise.
Remember the story of the pottery lessons?

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Programming language mention 

Me: I love Python but I hate being in Python dependency hell

The internet: Use virtual environments!! Problem solved!!!!

~ Later that day ~

Me: I love Python but I hate being in a dozen Python dependency hells at the same time

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I want scifi films in which there is a vibrant, detailed, complex universe with plenty of background lore, but is about, say, a teenage girl finding her lost cat, or a group of socially awkward queers starting a band, or middle aged single homos finding love, or a pair of friends (one human and one alien) going on a camping trip where nothing bad happens.

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This was brought to my attention on Twitter. Thoroughly enjoyed it:

Also helped me to formulate a new game—assumption pyramid reverse jenga:

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Does anyone else get really antsy after going half a year or so without making any big fork-in-the-road decisions? I've been steadily chipping away at the sculpture (? Odd metaphor) of life since December (which has been enjoyable don't get me wrong) and now I want to BREAK something 😡 for fun 🙂

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Soliciting: your favorite academic paper that’s comprehensible for any generally educated reader. Post as separate tweet, not as reply.

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reading this article, it occurred to me that we should build a federated calendar service to break free of google's monopoly

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