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Random Product Idea

Browser plugin that uses machine learning to determine how much content of a article or blog post has predictive statements vs statements about present/past by showing a % or highlighting sentences.

To avoid polluted water, the West drank alcohol, while the East boiled water. I have family and friends that are still paranoid about non-boiled water.

Since Islam banned alcohol, did they just ban the innovation without a replacement? Did India have a solution too? Think Tea was introduced by the English?

@vgr I found it useful to follow your mastodon account via RSS because it follows your toots and replies. Kinda wish i could do that via the UI, as some discussion threads get lost.

Looking for a remote web developer position.

I've been working remotely as a web developer with Ruby, Go, and Ember.js for startups in Silicon Valley and France. I'm in Toronto. I took a break reading/exploring and looking to work again. Curious if there's interesting work through mastodon. PM me. Thanks.

repost for . This helped me a lot to navigate the political waters these days---not that I understand it all.

Joined along from Refactor Camp this year (was good to meet people :D). Web developer in Toronto currently taking a break reading books---in the middle of Rulers, Religion, and Riches by Jared Rubin atm. Normally a lurker, as I try to listen more than speak... follow everything via RSS, even twitter. See how I can follow along this one.