To avoid polluted water, the West drank alcohol, while the East boiled water. I have family and friends that are still paranoid about non-boiled water.

Since Islam banned alcohol, did they just ban the innovation without a replacement? Did India have a solution too? Think Tea was introduced by the English?

@ykgoon although, after looking it up, the plant is native to india, but the English brought high demand.

@steve @ykgoon There's a fun linguistic map that charts the trajectory of it's adoption.

I've been trying to find a similar chart for the spread of coffee and tobacco.

@steve One thing I've always thought about regarding this argument is the fact that beer is also boiled, usually for an hour. But I guess it is not boiled right before drinking like tea. So the alcohol and live yeast allow for batch boiling/brewing for long-term preservation rather than boiling just before.

@bkamI didn't know about the boiling to make alcohol. I thought that people boiled water less in colder climates and substituted with harder liquor, so it also wouldn't freeze. I feel that correlation of alcohol % to local temperature is true.

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