@nindokag i'm a programmer. unix parts wanted. never liked linux. don't play games much. generally stick to defaults. since i spend so much time on it, seemed worth the money. never needed ultra high specs (on MacBook air)

emotional wrangling 

anyone else seeing the CSS mess up for toot web links? i tried on multiple browsers. @zacharius?

@BruceJia Didn't see it that way, but I see what you mean. I read his other papers in a book called world society, he dives into myths of the political left and the rationalization of global government bodies after. Tried to see if he had lots of gems there, but found a lot of complex wording and a few things.

Did a few days of reading papers, just did a dump of highlights.

"Algebra is concerned with manipulation in time and geometry is concerned with space. These are two orthogonal aspects of the world, and they represent two different points of view in mathematics."


@saamdaamdandbhed directed me to this one. Thanks again.

Origins of Impersonal Markets in Commercial and Communication Revolutions of Europe---thanks to the commercial revolution at the Atlantic coast and the printing press


The development of North and South Vietnam---a lens to compare Northeast and Southeast Asia?


@saamdaamdandbhed Not sure how to continue.... although, I found the algebra/geometry distinction fascinating. Thanks for the link!

Random Product Idea

Browser plugin that uses machine learning to determine how much content of a article or blog post has predictive statements vs statements about present/past by showing a % or highlighting sentences.

@bkamI didn't know about the boiling to make alcohol. I thought that people boiled water less in colder climates and substituted with harder liquor, so it also wouldn't freeze. I feel that correlation of alcohol % to local temperature is true.

@ykgoon although, after looking it up, the plant is native to india, but the English brought high demand.

To avoid polluted water, the West drank alcohol, while the East boiled water. I have family and friends that are still paranoid about non-boiled water.

Since Islam banned alcohol, did they just ban the innovation without a replacement? Did India have a solution too? Think Tea was introduced by the English?


@vgr Rules are the way most people to navigate through civilization. I'm not sure if people can without them. It's scalable, but unable to adapt to nature.

@vgr I found it useful to follow your mastodon account via RSS because it follows your toots and replies. Kinda wish i could do that via the UI, as some discussion threads get lost.

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