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Living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Studied systems design engineering.

Some of my interests include chaos theory, composing music, olfaction, software freedom, healthy buildings, Shakespeare, fluid mechanics.

st. john peaches, painted by royal charles steadman, 1918

I promise I'm usually grumpy and stuff, but man, finding exactly the right tool for a job is a rush

I just want to sing the praises again of gLabels, a very straightforward label/business card layout tool that does its job extremely well

arkansas black apples, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1895

I was driving a borrowed car on a long trip by myself today, so I ended up listening to somebody else's radio station presets. I heard a show on Stanford university student radio where they played music by black women artists through the decades starting with the 1930s. It was, no kidding, the single best playlist I've ever heard on the radio.

I found the playlist online, so if you wanna expand your knowledge of classic tunes this is a great list to start with:

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@dschorno start putting lots of samples of your work online

Does anyone have any tips on how to transition to freelance work / "free agency"?

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@nindokag DC is more efficient by a little... mostly though it's about how high you get the voltage.

ac is WAY easier to build voltage converters for. so this is one of the rare cases where you don't have many places drawing off the lines and it is a really long haul.

Neat article about the engineering challenges of getting terawatt-hours of energy from the world's largest wind and solar plants in Xinjiang to the population centers in east China that need it.

One surprising detail: they use DC for long-distance power transmission! I always learned AC was used because it's less lossy over long distances. But I guess they figured out a way to do even less lossy transmission using DC in the megavolt range.

@aRandomCat An unjustified presumption of superiority based on circumstantial evidence from the unearned conditions of one's life

le conte pears, painted by katherine a. mayo, 1891

a blogging challenge idea - like a book club without a book where topics are taken by different people & then all can comment.

Suggested by David Hopkins (UK) with the aim of being inclusive and going beyond the group of academics who had the idea to include lots of walks of life.

Want to join? Here's the initial idea: #blogging #thinking #writing

Going to Neukölln to listen to a woman perform music on an amplified loom. Should be wild.

The song I have in my head today, with bonus music video from 1976 showing animated monkeys in snowy Montreal

Urban planning is full of un-google able question. You almost have to call an office to get a somewhat accurate answer.

Example: What is the minimum lot size for a housing development in the Montreal borough of Ville-Marie?

@bobjonkman @strangeattractor as it’s a one-day charity concert event I’m hoping companies may be willing to donate services as sponsorship

The solution would be to have an analogue connection from end-to-end. But today, even analogue phones are connected to digital switching networks, so you can't even use ordinary landline phones and expect to get no delay. You can get "leased lines" from the phone companies that are analogue end-to-end, but leasing a tuned circuit that supports audio fidelity (ie. a 56 kHz leased line) will probably cost hundreds of dollars a month. Last time I saw an equalized analogue leased line was in 1980 when I worked at a radio station. It's possible analogue-only leased lines don't even exist any more. /cc @StrangeAttractor @LauraRitchie
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