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Living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Studied systems design engineering.

Some of my interests include chaos theory, composing music, olfaction, software freedom, healthy buildings, Shakespeare, fluid mechanics.

I tasted a paw paw for the first time!

It turns out delicious mango-like fruit grow in Southern Ontario.

What is the difference between USA and USB? 

I'm not doing because when i have time to draw I'm spending it inking my comic pages, instead.

I never liked how my pen lines looked. They took a lot of undo-retry-zoom-erase to get right, and once corrected they looked very "dead" and sterile. I always the pencil sketch more than the finished product.

So one day I said, why not try "ink" with a pencil tool?

It looks twice as good and takes half as long. This is life-changing.

left: ink with (digital) pen, right: "ink" with pencil

PSA: If you'd like to help support this instance (which costs $20/mo and some admin labor, primarily from Zach Faddis and to a lesser extent, from me) please contact Zach at @zacharius for a venmo to send $ to. Limit contributions to $5/mo and max $20 (~4 mo) at one time, since we don't want to manage large balances or deal with the expectations that come with larger contributions.

I will continue to underwrite the cost and cover any shortfalls. We will set up some accountable tracking too.

I would say that my life has been rapidly changing for about two and a half years now. and it's been accelerating in the past year. The changes are by a large margin good but I've realized that rapid life change carries a certain inefficiency - psychological and physiological problems that were once "solved" can easily come undone.

Tumblr has just silently reinstated a whole bunch of blogs that they purged as collateral damage during their anti-porn sweep last year.

After ten months of not responding to attempts to dispute their algorithm's classifications, they bring blogs back and don't even notify the owners.

If you had a non-porn Tumblr that was purged, try checking in on it! you might be surprised.

My old blog is back, if you wanna read my 1-2-year-old posts about making

Need to get some soundfonts or instrument presets for my DAW that actually kind of sound like a fucking piano.

It's sort of hilarious that LMMS offers a huge library of presets, but none of them sound particularly like a piano at all.

Seems there are multiple Mastodon web clients now, each with a different focus:

- #Halcyon: Twitter-like
- #Brutaldon: Web 1.0
- #Pinafore: speed, simplicity
- #Sengi: multi-instance

Really happy to see so many different Mastodon web clients out there!

Basically the option that everybody wants from a file transfer dialogue but which is the standard nowhere?

Thanks for this insight 😃

@s FWIW:

rsync-copy: aliased to rsync -avz --info=progress2 -h
rsync-move: aliased to rsync -avz --info=progress2 -h --remove-source-files
rsync-synchronize: aliased to rsync -avzu --delete --info=progress2 -h
rsync-update: aliased to rsync -avzu --info=progress2 -h

I had to turn today days old to find out that rsync has not only --progress (which is file-based), but also --info=progress2, which is based on total transfer volume.

If you're ready to take your bike rides to the next level but not sure how? Try bringing along a speaker and singing at the top of your lungs. Bonus points for dancing at every stoplight.

I'm sort of tired of walking into situations where even the experts don't know what the heck is going on. But those types of situation is what seems to be on offer.

Even when I consulted multiple experts, on some points they didn't know the answer and had to do research and even after doing research only had their best guess.

And then the information I got on another point, that turned out to be relatively solid, only looked that way after thinking about what a person in that position could say and not say. There are some things they couldn't say outright.

It turned out there was some information that made the decision more conclusive. However, it might have turned out that I would have had to make the decision based on mushy non-information, even after I'd taken such steps to gather information.

In this big decision I just made, I think gathering information was the most important action I took. Part of that was deciding which information to seek further. A lot of the trails I followed were "what would be a dealkiller? How can I find out if that is the case or not?"

It wasn't just passively doing internet searches of information that was already available and public - it was talking to people who know more than I do, and gathering data directly in person.

An awful lot of advice seems to be geared toward helping people figure out how to do what they've already decided to do. There's less out there for the situations where deciding what to do is more important.

I've decided not to take the opportunity. I kept gathering information, and some info came up that made the probabilities look like the this-could-go-really-badly outcome was more likely.

Thanks @nindokag and @ykgoon for your input.

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