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Living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Studied systems design engineering.

Some of my interests include chaos theory, composing music, olfaction, software freedom, healthy buildings, Shakespeare, fluid mechanics.

This damn thing is brilliant!
Basically mental health pointers to think through and suggestions to deal with it if you feel like crap

Screenshot and the link is to the original tumblr post and a downloadable PDF

Most advice is conservative and intended for the average case. If you're trying something new, most advice will be specifically wrong along that axis of novelty. Politely ignoring bad advice, without rancor, is an important entrepreneurship skill.

this is Betty Holberton. she invented the concept of breakpoints for debugging. ever heard of her? you probably haven't, because our field sucks ass and constantly erases its own history.

"The latter condition is what I’ve been calling the Great Weirding. Another good term for it is narrative collapse. The present interregnum between aeons of human history which began with the death of Harambe the gorilla."

I understand maybe 40% of this post, but it sure was mind-expanding to read. My takeaway is that we should be taking this opportunity to forge our own, new, better narratives rather than trying to put things "back to normal". @vgr would you agree?

Procrastination advice:

Something that seems to work for me, when I gotta do a thing I don't wanna do, is just putting a box around the maximum of time that my procrastination can expand to take up

i.e. "i have to finish the dreaded task before I work on the fun task" leads me to just procrastinate about the dreaded task all day.

"At 2pm i'll switch from the dreaded task to the fun task" means I at least get the fun task done, and surprisingly I often get more of the dreaded task done too.

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the new eiffel tower park design is almost solarpunk!

"Sheep get to work maintaining Newfield solar array"

"'s cheaper for the company to use sheep for maintenance instead of paying for people to mow and maintain 30 acres during the warmer months.... Unlike goats who will munch on almost anything, sheep stick to grazing on the greenery and not harm any wires or solar equipment."

@Kitts i think this is near you!

(Is this ?)

@nindokag you met your wife at anime club...... so the legends are true

Progressive Canadians -- please consider signing up or donating

The major political parties need to know that youth are an informed and powerful voting bloc.

It's disturbing how often Portuguese young adults only find out they have health issues after becoming financially independent because the standard attitude to sick kids was "stop being a pussy"

Imagine for a moment a society actually designed to convenience us, not one designed to extract wealth. Imagine a society actually designed to work in a sustainable way. Imagine a better way.

Basic Eurovision rules for noobs:
-Half the vote comes from a jury
-Half from the voters
-You can vote up to 20 times
-But never for your own country

very cool animated visualization of the classic Talking Heads song, "The Great Curve" from "Remain in Light"

if you've ever wondered how those wild polyrythms are put together and what the backup vocalists are actually singing, check it out in motion

Tipper is a treasure. One of the better and most prolific electronic artists ever IMO. Please give his new album a listen and consider supporting him!

"I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level" reminded me of a character in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan universe: Ivan Vorpatril in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance. Ivan in that book attempts to seem middling and mediocre even when he isn't. (As an aside, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance has my favourite heist in a novel, though it is not a Heist Novel.)

Both characters remind me a bit of ribbonfarm mediocrity-themed blog posts.

Then I found "I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level" by Kisetsu Morita

It's about a laid-back main character who highly prizes slack and downtime. She only kills slimes (the feeblest and most abundant monsters in the world) on her walk down to the village to eat every day, and deliberately does not do more. Her approach to most problems is "how can we make this more relaxing and avoid overwork".

"Saving 80 000 Gold In Another World For My Retirement" only has one volume out, so I looked for another series of light novels.

I found what has become my favourite series of light novels so far: "In Another World with My Smartphone" by Patora Fuyuhara. It was written on a smartphone.

More volumes are out, so I could read a longer story.

I think part of the "light" in "light novel" means light-hearted.

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