Strange Attractor

Living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Studied systems design engineering.

Some of my interests include chaos theory, composing music, olfaction, software freedom, healthy buildings, Shakespeare, fluid mechanics.

@strangeattractor Nice to meet you! I'm currently studying engineering.

Hi, what type of engineering? Are you enjoying it so far?


Ah, well I chose systems design, an interdisciplinary program, and learned a bit of everything, so I can relate to not wanting to decide right away.

@strangeattractor Do you think it offers more advantages than straight-up engineering?


Yes, for me it was better. I think it depends on the person though. There were some courses about how to model electrical systems, fluids, etc. with the same mathematical framework, but for the most part each person had to decide what to do with the information, and what direction to choose. The Co-op system helped with that, my classmates got many different types of work experience, and we could compare and talk to each other about it.

@strangeattractor I would stick to Engineering because I prefer a more structured approach. For my university, each branch has a clearly demarcated path for all 4 years. However, I do appreciqte that you had to lean on your friends for advice in Systems.

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